MJ Arsenal Quartz Banger - 10mm Opaque Bottom

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MJ Arsenal is quickly becoming a brand that I admire. Unique and quite intricate in their design, unlike any other items that I sell. They specialise in bubblers of all sizes (they tend to like to create palm sized products) as well as amazing dab rigs. Each piece they craft is triple inspected for any imperfections. MJ Arsenal, based out of Denver Colorado, consider themselves a consumer-focused company. Their objective is to push boundaries in any given product/function and they generally succeed with an assortment of patents and trademarks issued.


Bangers are required for a dab rig. A dab rig is a glass water pipe/bubbler that is used exclusively for herbal extracts/dabs/concentrates. You cannot use a standard flower bowl/slide if you wish to inhale concentrates and a banger is required. Think of a banger as a sort of bucket that holds the product. A very small amount of extract is used due to its intensity and a blow torch is required for lighting, you could try a standard lighter but it wont be enough heat. For those unaware you light a banger externally and no direct flame touches the actual herbal extract.
MJ Arsenal has crafted this banger as a replacement for their Mini Rig. It has a 10mm connection point (male) and will therefore fit any dab rigs that will accept a 10mm fit, most are 14mm so please check. 3mm thick glass (that is quite thick!) has been used, borosilicate glass and quartz. The walls are quite high, just under 3.5cms with a flat top. The base is flat too with a white opaque quartz layer at the very bottom. This form of quartz will heat faster and will retain the heat for longer when compared to a clear quartz base.
Recommended cool down period = 1 and a half minutes


x1 MJ Arsenal Quartz Banger - 10mm Opaque Bottom


  • 100% Handcrafted Quartz
  • White/Opaque Bottom
  • Compatible with MJ Arsenal Mini Rigs
  • Glass Thickness: 3mm
  • Bucket Diameter: 20mm
  • Joint Size: 10mm

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