1ml glass luer slip syringe by Kung Fu Vapes


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The perfect glass syringe for dispensing heated oils



A syringe but not as you know them! Kung Fu Vapes are known within the industry as leaders in technology and innovation. With a mission to use forward thinking engineering to create high-end and well-constructed (oil cartridge) vaporisers and accessories. To push the vaporiser industry to new levels of quality. This is one such product!Firstly, these syringes are made from strong medical grade glass and hold 1ml of solution. Why a glass syringe over plastic? Plastic syringes may work well when dispensing PG/VG based e-liquids whereas thicker more resinous oils work better within glass, especially when the oils are warm/hot. These Kung Fu syringes have been specifically designed to enable easy loading and dispending of oil into your cartridges/pods ready for you to vape. Glass is also easier to sterilise that plastic, resulting in a purer concentrate.

I had to research what a leur slip was, so here it is in a nutshell. A Leur Lock is a standardised system to essentially make leak free connections between 2 parts and is used commonly in a lot of medical and laboratory instruments. They generally have a male fitting with a mating female part. A regular syringe is basically a male leur lock connection with a female needle that screws into it. Depending on connection type we can further split into 2 types: locking or slipping. Whilst lock styles are more secure (twist and lock), these Kung Fu syringes are the leur-slip style which are quicker to fit and instantly ready to go. (A needle is not provided with this pack).

To use: Fill just as you would a normal syringe by pulling back on the plunger till you reach the 1ml mark (or less). Don’t overfill as the further back the plunger goes the more chance of leakage. The nozzle has been designed to be thin enough to allow you to easily dispense directly into your cartridge/pod but for extra precision simply slip on a needle. A cap is also provided for easy transport and less mess.

Cleaning/sterilising is as easy as either placing the entire disassembled syringe into your dishwasher or leave overnight in a bowl of Isopropyl Alcohol. Rinse and you are ready for reuse.

Contains – x1 1ml Medical grade glass luer slip glass syringe with cap by Kung Fu Vapes.