510 Turquoise Drip Tip Black and White Marbled effect

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Drip tips can serve 2 different functions, either as a cosmetic change allowing you to customise your vaporiser or as enhancers to the vaping experience (dripping).

These beautiful black and white marbled effect drip tips are made from turquoise, a high quality semi-precious mineral. The base of the drip tip is made from Stainless Steel and is 510 threaded – making them compatible with most vaporisers (cartridges or cartomisers).

What is dripping all about??? Most novice vapers simply fill their tanks with e liquid and vape the same flavour until the tank empties out or until they change their coils. Drip tips offer you the ability to try a variety of flavours more often. They work by allowing you to pour or drip your e liquid directly onto the heated coil via the bore hole. This allows your vaporiser to work at full capacity and offers a consistently crisp and clean vapour.

There is a definite learning curve to the fine art of dripping. How much e liquid should you drip and how often. Not adding enough liquid or adding it too late can result in a burnt wick and the high likelihood of a harsh burnt taste – Yuck! On the flipside, add too much and your liquid could overflow!

Other benefits of dripping include bigger vapour, enhanced flavour, a higher level of customization, and a better airflow control. What’s more, drip tips are also popular among cloud chasers as they can help increase vapour production.

Take note: These drip tips are not wide bore (6mm wide hole).


If you are vaping for extended periods and feel your lips getting too hot, please wait till the drip tip cools before reusing.

As your drip tip enters into your mouth, I highly recommend cleaning it regularly to deal with gunk, germs and anything else present on the inside or out. Simply wash your drip tip in warm water and a gentle soap/detergent. Rinse and set aside to dry before using. For extremely gunky drip tip, Isopropyl Alcohol will work a treat.


  • 5mm top to bottom
  • 11mm from side to side
  • 6mm Bore