710 Ready Mix 1.8Ω Ceramic Coil Glass Cartridge


**510 Threaded**

710??? In case you are not aware of its meaning simply turn the number upside down to reveal a word. Get it!!?? The 710 Ready Mix range of products all work together and have one goal in mind – helping you turn your herbal extracts into oils that can be vaped.

I’ll let 710 Ready Mix speak for themselves…..

“We are on the forefront of new products that are changing the industry, revolutionizing products to convert your extracts into herbal suspensions for herbal liquid uses. We’ve spent many hours on developing our products with an attention to detail and quality, which will always be our number one priority next to customer service.

Known for its consistency, stability, and amazing flavour; Ready Mix will save you countless dollars and enhance your overall herbal extract experience.”

To use: Once you have successfully created your oils, you will of course want to try them. The 710 Ready Mix 1ml Glass Cartridges are easy to fill and use. Of course, you have used the 710 Ready Mix Solution and 50ml Beaker Kit to create your oily fluid and now have it sitting within the 710 Ready Mix 20ml Syringe ready to be dispensed. Remove the mouthpiece to fill the cartridge. Slowly fill the cartridge, a little at a time so it doesn’t overflow when replacing the mouthpiece. Thread the cartridge onto a 510 threaded battery or mod. Vape time! Be patient as your oil may need a little time for full vapour production to begin.

The 710 Ready Mix Glass Cartridges are powered by a ceramic atomiser rated at 1.8ohms.

Contains: x1 710 Ready Mix 1ml Glass Ceramic Coil Cartridge

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