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When I first opened my store 3 years ago, I decided that I wanted to create a unique retail experience that I felt was lacking in the 420-lifestyle market here in Australia. I felt we were getting left behind as the world forged forward with new and exciting products. I constantly scout around for new innovation (my most favourite part of my job!) and then try my hardest to bring it over to Australia. Not always achievable but I wont stop! Abraxian is a brand that I have been chasing after for most of 2020, and 9 months later I finally have it!


Glassblowing is an art form I believe, and some glass artists can create some show stopping pieces, some almost too beautiful to ever be used! The guys over at Abraxian are professional (master) glassblowers making each and every piece by hand (and by mouth I guess!). Now I understand the 9 months wait for the initial 6 pieces I had made. I watched their video and after a short, very loving description of sand you get to see the boys had at work making the glass pieces.

Each piece is made from high quality borosilicate glass and traditional glassblowing techniques are used. Each and every one is crafted exclusively by hand from conception to the finished article. Abraxian isn’t just about glassblowing though, each kit contains all that you need to begin your session (apart from the herbal material obviously!). All kits include a nice sized 4-flame torch, a flower bowl, heatwand and down stem (if required). All come boxed in a very fancy foam lined box.

Oh, and in case you weren’t already intrigued I present to you the Abraxian “Legacy Promise”. More on that below.


Abraxian keeps it quite simple and there are currently 4 pieces on offer, each bong is given a name to reflect its design. Introducing the Atlas and even without looking at the picture you can probably guess that it will be based around a globe concept (in Greek Mythology Atlas was condemned to carry a globe on his shoulders). A globe within a globe actually. The Atlas is their hero piece and is all about “blurring the lines between function and art”.

The Atlas sits upon a round sturdy base and the whole piece is formed from ultra thick 5mm borosilicate glass. The outer globe is a rather roomy water chamber that sits upon the base. The down stem is quite interesting, and I probably shouldnt even call it a down stem. This fixed stem curves around the outside of the globe (from top to bottom) and is quite long. The extra length allows your smoke to start cooling even before it hits the percolator. The 14mm (male, removable) flower bowl juts out at an angle at the top of the down stem and is seriously roomy. A party bowl for sure!

TIP: All connection joints that Abraxian uses are 14.5mm standard and are frosted for easy insertion (down stems and flower bowls) and a tight seal .

The inner globe is the ball percolator that sits upon its own mini pedestal. Officially called the Atlas Ball Diffuser. A multitude of holes encircle the perimeter of the ball allowing your smoke to interact with the water within. Diffusing your smoke through water will cool down and smooth out the experience therefore less coughing/harshness. A certain amount of toxins are also filtered out resulting in cleaner smoke. Couple that with the extra long down stem and you can expect an extra smooth (and visually appealing) experience.

Between the water chamber and the long neck is a three-pronged ice catcher that will work in 2 ways. Its main function is to enable you to insert appropriately sized cubes of ice into the neck. Your smoke then passes through the ice and is super chilled before inhalation. Why? You guessed it. Yes, it is for extra smoothness and a further cooling effect. And to be honest it is also a unique experience! The secondary purpose is to prevent excessive splash back in the case that you like to inhale like it is an Olympic sport.

The mouthpiece of the Atlas is a little different and is “folded’. A super thick and rounded off mouthpiece with a recessed groove beneath designed for added comfort whilst allowing you to create a perfect seal. The gold Abraxian logo is located just below the mouthpiece, letting you (and others) know you have bought an authorised official glass piece from their range. No point in fakes, right?


  • 310mm height
  • 50mm mouthpiece diameter
  • 125mm base diameter


The quality of their work was one thing but what really tipped me over the edge about Abraxian is the complete kits that all their glassware comes in. The black foam lined box is seriously gorgeous and will allow you to store and transport your piece in style (no handle though).

  • A Quad-flame Blowtorch – a fully windproof, ergonomic and elegant torch with 4 individual flames to light your material effortlessly. Powerful yet small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. A great lighter for dab rigs as well as the DynaVap.
  • 4-piece Zinc Alloy Signature Grinder – A high quality grinder boasting 3 levels and some pretty sharp diamond shaped cutting blades (don’t worry they won’t hurt you). The top lid is magnetic and has the Abraxian logo. There is a reasonably sized internal storage zone with a fine mesh base for kief to fall through. A small scoop is also provided.
  • Heat Wand – This is a new one for me and I had to do a little research first. The wand provided in this kit is made entirely from the same heavy-duty borosilicate glass as the rest of the Atlas and is 15½ cms tall. A fairly thick clear glass wand with a little protrusion at one end which is the handle. The premise of this wand is kind of genius and quite simple at the same time. You use your Abraxian Quad Torch to light the end of the wand until it is red hot. You then let it cool slightly (few seconds) then apply the end of the wand directly to your herbal material for an instant vaporisation effect. You can also use the wand to combust your material by overheating it and not allowing it to cool.


Not sure if Abraxian realises what they are promising but they offer a no-questions-asked replacement for any broken glass accessories. Including all shipping costs!! Nuts, right?? Glass accessories must be removable and ONLY include the following: flower bowl, down stem and heating wand.  You must take a photo and send it to Abraxian directly (not to me) and they will facilitate the rest. But I would advise not abusing this system as I am sure they will start asking questions!


  • X1 Abraxian Glassware “The Atlas”
  • X1 14mm Borosilicate Glass Flower Bowl
  • X1 Quad Flame Torch
  • X1 4 Piece Zinc Alloy Grinder
  • X1 Borosilicate Glass Heat Wand
  • X1 Foam Lined Storage Box


  • Heavy Duty Borosilicate Glass
  • Hand made
  • Traditional glassblowing techniques used
  • Ball Percolator
  • 14mm male connection
  • Legacy Promise


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