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Airistech is a completely new brand for me and this is their first vaporiser that I have procured from their extensive range of herbal vaporisers. According to their website they have a vision of being a world class, respectable and admired vaporiser brand. A very commendable goal and I wish them the best.

Made from high-end, super-durable aluminium and pretty small in stature, the Head Banger is perfect for dabbing on the go. Storage is provided within the device for all parts as well as a Quartz jar to hold your wax. A carry bag is also provided. Dabbing is still relatively new to Australia with many of my customers buying very expensive but not very portable water filtration vaporisers to consume their concentrates. The Head Banger is an inexpensive way to dab without having to let go of your love of a bubbler!

Regardless of how it looks the Head Banger is a dual-use wax/concentrates pen. I sell a few “dual-use” vapes in store already but they tend to be dual-use in terms of the different substances that can be vaped by the same device (dry herb and wax for example). The Head Banger is a little different in the fact that you are offered 2 ways to vape your wax, dip or dab. Either use it as a nectar collector or as a traditional dab pen depending on coil/heating element is used.

TIP: A major bonus of this device is the inclusion of a water bubbler allowing for smoother and cleaner hits. More on this soon.


Personally, I would recommend trying both to ascertain your own preference. Within the kit you are offered 2 varieties of “coils”, just don’t expect the types of coils you would see in an e cigarette vaporiser. Both can be easily removed (threaded) for cleaning and when not in use.

  • Q1 Dip Coil – Attaches to the base of the device and is encased by a removable magnetic cover. Longer and thinner in design allowing you to dip it directly into your wax. Quartz storage jar are provided for this purpose (2 provided actually).
  • Q2 Dab Coil – Attaches directly within the body of the device. The bubbler needs to be removed to attach this coil. Bubbler to be reattached prior to usage. A smaller “bucket – style” design that allows you to dab your wax within prior to heating.

TIP: It is highly recommended that you only ever use one coil at a time, and each be removed whilst the other is in use.


Airistech is quite proud of their engineers for tirelessly endeavouring to create a new coil technology (Qcell Quartz Technology) that tackles many of the issues that coil pose. This patented technology helps to eliminate waste, improve flavour as well as prevent clogging. The Fritted Quartz Heating Element on both coils works well to maximise the surface area and to provide even heating. All in all, you can expect better absorption along with a pure clean taste.

TIP: Why all the hype over Quartz? Quartz is considered to be a neutral material meaning that your herbal material will not be adulterated or affected in any way. Resulting in a pure, clean and somewhat healthier vapour/flavour (healthier as compared to other inert materials used in certain lower quality vaporisers).


Dabbing can be quite tricky to get a hold of at first, but this dab pen is incredibly easy to master with a one button design to control it all. This is your on/off, heat as well as the temperature selection button. An LED light sits behind the button to indicate your settings and x3 clicks will cycle you through each.  Which voltage should you choose? I guess that depends on a variety of factors; personal preference, viscosity of product or maybe you are just looking for a specific effect.

  • Green – 3.4V
  • Blue – 3.7V
  • Red – 4.0V

TIP: The lower the temperature the smoother and more flavoursome the hit.


The internal built-in (unremoveable) battery has a capacity of 1500mAh and can be charged via Micro USB Cable. A full charge should take approximately 2-3 hours. As there is no screen you will have to watch out for the LED light alternate flashing 10 times to let you know that a charge is imminent.


Probably my most favourite part of this vape. I tend to find that the inclusion of water filtration takes dabbing to a new level, helping to reduce heat and enhance flavour. The removable water bubbler within the Head Banger stands at 9cms tall and around 1.5cms in diameter. Obviously, glass is quite prone to breaking easily when mishandled but I find this bubbler to be quite durable as I hold it in my hands. The glass is further protected as a large part sits within the vape when installed. This revolutionary bubbler narrows substantially (internally) to help eliminate splashback and then extends out at the end to form a mouthpiece.


Usage depends on type of coil being used.

Q1 Dip Coil

  • Remove the bottom magnetic cover.
  • Screw in the Q1 Dip Coil (plus remove Q2 Coil if in place).
  • Fill water bubbler (if desired) and install. Fill to less than half capacity.
  • X5 clicks to turn on and off.
  • X3 clicks to select temperature/voltage.
  • Press and hold the power button whilst dipping the coil into your concentrate. You can use the included Quartz jars or a container of your choice.
  • Inhale and enjoy.

Q2 Dab Coil

  • Remove magnetic cover and glass bubbler.
  • Screw in the Q2 Dab Coil. This coil sits in position just underneath the bubbler and will sit within the base of the bubbler when all in place (plus remove Q1 Coil if in place).
  • Using the included dab tool. Load a small amount of wax directly onto the coil. Very important not to overpack to avoid mess and wastage.
  • Fill water bubbler (if desired) and install. Fill to less than half capacity.
  • X5 clicks to turn on and off.
  • X3 clicks to select temperature/voltage.
  • Press and hold power button to activate heating, wait 2-3 seconds for vaporisation to occur then inhale and enjoy.


I would wipe down the body a cloth lightly doused in Isopropyl Alcohol to keep it free from any build-up. As for the coils themselves you can do a dry burn to remove any built-up gunk but that’s about all the cleaning that you can do with a coil. The last part I would focus on is the glass bubbler. I would soak this in Isopropyl Alcohol quite regularly and would use a pipe cleaner to get inside to deal with any stubborn gunk. Depending on your levels of hygiene I would wipe down (sterilise) the mouthpiece as often as possible.


  • x1 Airistech Head Banger Device (black)
  • x1 Q1 Dip Coil
  • x1 Q2 Dab Coil
  • x1 Water Bubbler
  • x1 Magnetic Cover
  • x2 Quartz Jars
  • x1 Dab Tool
  • x1 Cleaning Brush
  • x1 USB Cable
  • x1 Storage Bag
  • x1 Instruction Manual


  • For Concentrates/wax herbal vaping
  • Dimensions: 109mm x 38mm x 20mm
  • Lithium-ion battery – 2-3 hour recharge Micro USB
  • 1500mAh Battery Capacity
  • Variable Voltage 3 heat settings
  • 2 coils provided
  • Glass Water Bubbler Attachment
  • Heating method: Dab and vape or Dip and Vape
  • Qcell Quartz Heating
  • Metal casing
  • Simple one button use
  •  Limited Warranty (6 months battery, 3 months coils)


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