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Airvape, as the name may suggest only focus on creating vaporisers, herbal ones to be exact (dry herb and oil/concentrates). Their devices are well built and designed with discretion in mind. Safety is paramount, which makes me very happy. A limited lifetime warranty is on offer but you will need to register your device with them within 30 days of purchase. An receipt is also required. This limited lifetime warranty will cover the unit (excluding battery) only.  Other parts may also be covered (defects in material or workmanship) but with different warranty periods, please check their website.


This stealthy little dual-purpose small keychain vaporiser supports both wax and oil concentrates due to its dual quartz atomiser and 510 thread attachment (making it compatible with most standard universal cartridges). Just to make things clear, this is a vaporiser that will allow you to either vape your concentrates (herbal wax) directly via a heated coil or you can attach a 510 threaded cartridge to the unit to vape your herbal oils.

A 350mAh rechargeable battery is located within, not the world’s largest battery capacity but enough to see you through a whole day on a medium power level with moderate use. Any more than that may require a quick recharge.

Also included is a Borosilicate glass mouthpiece, a magnetic top and variable voltage. This vaporiser is only 11cms tall and is made from anodized metal on a cylindrical body. 2 Outer shell components are included to shield your cartridges from view making it easy to take anywhere. Speaking of taking your vape out and about, the Om has a keyring attached to the end for that very reason!


This unique vape pen comes with 3 variations of voltage. Once powered on (5 presses) temperature can be changed with 2 simple pushes of the button. The light near the top of the unit will flash a different colour for each change.

  • White: 2.4v – more intense flavour
  • Blue: 3.2v
  • Red: 4.0v – larger clouds

TIP: I tend to recommend that you start on a low voltage when vaping herbal oil cartridges and work your way up to ascertain your preference. Conversely I recommend higher temperatures to effectively vaporise your wax.


To use with wax – Unscrew the metal cover that sits over the dual quartz atomiser then pull apart to reveal the coils (is magnetised for easy on and off). Very carefully, using the included dab tool, place a small amount of wax inside the atomiser and then reattach the metallic component. Reattach the outer shell, power on (5 clicks of button at top of unit), select desired temperature (2 presses for each change) wait a few seconds for the chamber to heat up and you are ready to go. Hold down power button to inhale.

TIP: The cleaner your coil is the tastier and more effective the experience. You can swab them down with a little Isopropyl Alcohol on an earbud (allow to dry thoroughly) or do a dry burn to vaporise the gunk off. Overloading the coil may also result in it not working until you clean it out again.

To use with oil – Unscrew the metal cover that sits over the dual quartz atomiser then unscrew the glass atomiser. Place aside in a safe place for future use. You can now screw in your pre-loaded 510 threaded cartridge (industry standard). Cover the exposed cartridge with one of the outer shells provided. Power on, choose your desired temperature as above and you are ready to go.


  • x1 Airvape Om Vaporiser
  • x1 dual quartz atomiser
  • x1 atomiser cover
  • x2 extra covers for 510 cartridge shielding
  • x1 packing tool
  • x1 USB charger.


  • Dual usage (wax and oil cartridges)
  • 350mAh rechargeable battery
  • Small and lightweight
  • 510 threaded
  • 3 variable voltages
  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy metal and carbon body


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