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Linx Vapor has impressed me once again. Sleek, sexy and very powerful this is an extract vaporiser with a twist! This innovative, rechargeable vaporiser requires NO loading, none, nada, nothing of any sort. It really couldn’t get any easier – it’s as simple as dip and inhale.  Linx Vapor is known worldwide for it’s aesthetically beautiful, award winning vaporisers and the Ares is no exception. Wrapped in Stainless Steel I fell in love at first sight, this vape looks just like a high-end pen that the 1% would use. Incredibly discreet, leave it lying around and no-one will know what it is (unless that are pen thieves – won’t they be surprised!).

Good looks aside it is the flavour that will truly impress you.  Clean and pure flavour is what you should expect and Ares definitely delivers allowing you to taste all the subtle notes of your wax/concentrates (flavour loss due to processing? Grab some terpenes from us).

The Ares is very safe to use if you take care. Any of you that have read my other product descriptions (ramblings!) would know that safety is my thing. Designed in such a way that you need not come into contact with anything hot (just be aware that the very end heats up so don’t go poking anyone with it). The atomiser is coil-less (yay – no more coil changes/cleaning!) and is simply a Ceramic Rod that heats up instantly once powered on. This unit features a bottom heating element that vapes anything that it comes into contact with. This vapour is then funnelled up through a glass mouthpiece. Imagine a straw that vapes, I guess that’s why they call it the “Honey Straw”.

The coil less heating element (rod) located at the end of the Ares is made out of ceramic and functions in a similar way to a soldering iron. The major benefit of this design is that unlike dabbing with a blowtorch, where the temperature starts off hot then decreases as you draw, the ceramic rod of the Ares maintains a steady temperature throughout your session.  The heating element heats up to 2 distinct temperatures 482°C (low) and 593°C (high). You can toggle through both these temperature settings (x3 clicks of power button). This unconventional heating element makes for some superior flavour. Expect clean, pure and refined flavour hits with each session. As the heating element is located away from the mouthpiece the vapour has enough time to cool down whilst travelling upwards – further enhancing the flavour.The vapour pathway within the Ares contains all premium ingredients like stainless steel (air tube), glass (mouthpiece) and ceramic (heating element). Resulting in the cleanest purest vapour uncontaminated by unwanted materials. Build to last, the heating element shows no give when pressed down hard (take care though). The Ares can be taken apart completely for easy cleaning. Take care to keep all parts together though for easy reassembly.

How does the vapour not escape? In other concentrate vaporisers the wax is generally housed within the device, with the vapour being funnelled towards the mouthpiece. The tiny protrusion at the end of the Ares element helps to keep the vapor from escaping and also stops the wax from entering into the air tube. True innovation.

The Ares is powered by an internal rechargeable 750mAh battery Lithium-ion and is charged via the included USB Cable. Charging should take approximately 2 hours and with moderate use can last up to a full day. The battery unit can be unscrewed from the air tube. The battery is housed inside the tube but is kept sealed from the vapour stream. One slight down side is that to charge you will need to unscrew the heating element then screw in the charger. Not as handy as a simple micro USB slot but still easy enough!

Not just incredibly good looking, the Ares has been designed with ease in mind. The unit has 2 magnetic caps, one at the mouthpiece and one at the opposing heating element end. Not sure how much more easier it could get. All you need to do to vape is to hold down the fire button whilst at the same time dipping the heating element into your wax and inhaling. Simples! My one and only downside is that you need a good amount of wax to get the Ares working well. Small droplets may not produce an effect.

To use: Make sure your Ares is charged would be my first piece of advice. Secondly place your wax/concentrate into either a small silicone or glass container (silicone container provided in pack). Make sure you have a decent amount. Power on your Ares with 5 clicks of the power button and remove both magnetic caps from each end. As the heating element heats up instantly you can now insert the Ares into the wax container, concentrating the end point into your wax.  Inhale as you hold down the power button. As a safety feature the Ares will automatically cut off power after 10 seconds of continuous vaping. To toggle between the high and low temperature setting simply press the power button 2 times, will blink once for lower setting and twice for higher.

Remember to take note of where you leave the 2 magnetic caps during use as they can easily be forgotten about. The device still works without them but they play a vital role in protecting your Ares.

Easy to clean as the whole unit comes apart. The mouthpiece screws in and out for cleaning and replacement (extra in the box). At the other end the heating element can also unscrew out for cleaning or replacement. Isopropyl Alcohol (at least 90% pure) should work a treat at removing most of the gunk.


  • Ceramic rod atomiser – coil less
  • Exceptionally fast heat up
  • Fresh flavour and power vapour
  • No loading = fresh hits and less waste
  • Easy to maintain due to modular design
  • Fool proof
  • Lithium ion battery – 750mAh
  • Vapour path made from medical grade components
  • 15mm diameter and 165mm in length
  • 74g weight
  • Voltage input – 5v
  • 1-year limited warranty

Contains: 1 Linx Ares 750mAH Rechargeable Battery, 1 Linx Ares Ceramic Rod Atomizer, 1 Linx Ares Magnetic Atomizer Cap, 1 Linx Ares Magnetic Pen Cap, 1 Stainless Steel Sheath, 1 Glass Mouthpiece, 1 Ceramic Container and 1 USB Charger

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