Aspire Cleito 0.4ohm Coils 5 pack


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**Replacement coils for the Aspire Cleito Tank

The Cleito tank uses a revolutionary new coil design that has replaced the static chimney inside the tank with a full-length coil head that runs the full length of the tank from top to bottom. This results in an unimpeded airflow every puff you take, expanded flavour profile and increased vapour production.

These coils are Kanthal style Clapton for maximum flavour, with organic cotton wicks. The resistance is 0.4ohm (recommended wattage below).

0.4Ω 40-60w

To use: Priming your new coil is the first task for any new coil/tank and this is no exception. Priming helps to protect your coil and yourself from dry hits or a burnt horrible taste. To access the coil, you will need to unscrew the base of the atomiser. Screw the new coil onto the base of the tank, take care with threading. You now need to saturate the cotton within the coil with a little e juice (few drops). Take care with priming as these coils are rather tall and it is recommended that you get inside the coil tube and wet the exposed cotton internally. Spin the coil around till you see the cotton getting wet. This ensures proper saturation.

Reassemble your tank and screw back onto your device (at this point it is good practice to check all sealing O rings to ensure no leakage!). Unscrew the top of the tank and fill with e-juice just to ensure complete saturation (don’t overfill though!). Place your device to the side for a short while (10 minutes) to allow all the e -juice to make its way through. Now time for the primer puffs – without touching the firing button take a few sharp short pulls from the tank. You may see air bubbles rising to the top of the tank. Your new coil is now ready for use.

Contains: x5 0.4ohm Cleito Coils

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