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Grind and roll without any effort on your part

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I haven’t been this excited about a new product for a while and I dare you not to be too! All around the globe people are raving about the OTTO grinder. This is an herb grinder (more technically a milling device) but not as you know them. The OTTO™ by banana bros.™ is the first ever all-in-one smart electric grinder and rolling machine, capable of finely grinding your dry herbs, dry flowers, incense resins or spices and rolling the perfect cone in mere seconds. The milling chamber is made up of premium grade wear-resistant metal teeth, aerospace engineered cutting blades. A whole new evolution designed to expedite and perfect your rolling technique. Beautifully designed, compact and highly efficient. Travel friendly too, especially as you no longer need to cart around a multitude of devices.

I always research the back stories of all my products and these guys really impressed me. So, who are the banana bros? The whole team behind banana bros have been creating industry changing products for years. Together and as individuals, they have built some of the world’s most popular consumer electronic brands. Most recently, building highly innovative brands, Magic Bullet, Nutri-Bullet and InStyler, which have become global market leaders in their categories. Combined they’ve sold over 5 billion dollars of products in the last 10 years alone and have developed a keen expertise in the development and manufacture of personal electronics and breakthrough consumer products.

The OTTO grinder uses patented SMART technology to sense the consistency of its contents and then automatically adjusts accordingly to deliver the perfect grind each and every time. So smart it can determine how coarse, fine, moist or dry your material is and then adjusts the direction, speed and pressure of the milling plates. Pretty impressive, especially as this entire process takes mere seconds. Your perfectly ground herb is then loaded effortlessly and spill free into the cone within the cone tube from the bottom to the top. The OTTO can also be used without the fresh seal cone tube, grind easily directly into a bowl if you desire.

The OTTO is charged via USB and can easily create 20-30 cones per full charge. Stock up in advance or share them around with your friends. Pretend you rolled them yourself if you really want to be impressive!

The OTTO herb grinder is just as good for vapers. Since the OTTO grinds your herb so well, you’ll end up doing more with less of it. That’s because the finer the grind, the more surface area of the herb chamber is covered by your herb. Perfect no matter what kind of dry herb vaporiser you may be using.

The pre-made all-natural fibre cones (packs available separately) sit within a fresh seal cone tube, keeping them upright and easy to fill. The tube helps to contain all odours (airtight seal) and delivers a quick, even and spill free experience. Transparent so you can watch the cones fill. Don’t blink or you may miss it though!

One of the best things about the OTTO (and there are many) is how easy it is to use. A single LED back lit button is all you need to master. So easy to use you may start grinding all sorts of things. Create your own clean and even burning sage smudge sticks, lavender sachets for your pillow or grind culinary herbs for food preparation (if desired, cones need not be used). The options are limitless.

To use: First step is to charge, USB port is located at the top of the unit. Separate the Seal Cone Tube and the Grinding chamber and carefully place one of the empty cones into the tube. Use the side button to open the grinding chamber (hinge opens to one side) and place in your material. Carefully fit the grinder over the cone tube. There are magnetic connectors that should hold them together in place. To start simply press the power button till it lights up and then press again to begin grinding. This is where the SMART technology does its magic, making necessary adjustments to ensure a consistent grind. The milled material will then either be injected directly into the cone within the tube (designed not to overfill) or if not using the tube, directly into a bowl or sachet.

Make sure to clean your OTTO regularly as resin does like to stick. A cleaning brush comes included. A little Isopropyl Alcohol can work wonders on stubborn patches.

What’s in the box:

  • 1 x banana bros. OTTO Grinder
  • 1 x Fresh Seal Cone Tube
  • 1 x extra seal
  • 1 x cleaning Brush
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x cone retention straw
  • 20 x OTTO pre-rolled Cones


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