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There aren’t many in the herbal vaporiser world who have not heard of this iconic brand. Davinci is known for creating luxurious high performance devices that stand the test of time. Highly efficient, safe and small enough to take with you anywhere you choose.

Between the high-quality build and the diverse temperature control options the IQ creates truly remarkable vapour. This vaporiser in the first on the market to have an airpath made entirely of Zirconia Ceramic for superior flavour. Zirconia is the strongest of all ceramics and is excellent at heat insulation and is said to enable users to experience the same great flavour as can be found with glass pathways but is 20 times more potent! This unit is compact, discreet, is made from the finest materials and is easy to use for the beginner as well as hugely satisfying for the most experienced users.

51 LED dots on the front add to the impressive design of this unit and lets you know what temperature you are at when changing manually (not in Smart Path mode). The all ceramic (Zirconia)heating chamber, located at the base of the unit provides 360° conduction heating for even heating.

The 18650 3500mAh battery is removeable and rechargeable, a very unique feature found in only a handful of high end units. It can be recharged within (USB charger provided) or outside of the unit and can be used for around one hour before recharging. A full charge takes about 3 hours (initially – subsequent charges shorter). This unit automatically shuts down after 10 minutes.

Removable flavour chamber – This newly designed ceramic insert is the pathway through which the vapour flows from the heating chamber to your lips allowing it to cool and smooth out. This is a removeable chamber that is normally left empty but can also be used as an airpath infuser by placing dry herb inside (not finely ground material – must be chunks). The flavour chamber will only partially heat up – enough to express flavour without cooking. Pops in or out for easy cleaning.

Another great feature is the mobile Bluetooth app that allows you to extra customise your experience by either using any one of the 4 pre-programmed smart paths (these can be modified and are basically the automatic rising of temperature during your session) or by using precision mode to choose a desired temperature. Boost mode can be used to increase temperature during a session, for that last final hit – to ensure no waste! This app also allows the user to turn the unit on or off, activate stealth mode (dims LED lights at front of unit –  this can also be done manually by holding down the up and down button on the IQ simultaneously), turn off vibration mode, view total usage time, view average session length as well as average temperature used. This app is not a necessity but will greatly enhance your experience.

Smart Path 1 and 2 Plenty of clouds with great flavour
Smart Path 3 and 4 Huge clouds but less flavour than above

To use: As with other convection heating units before usage it is recommended that you sterilise the unit to remove any debris left over from the manufacturing process. This is achieved by powering on the unit (5 pushes of the power button). Press the power button again to activate precision mode, press the up button to bring to the highest temperature – 220° (LED display). The unit will automatically begin to heat. Let the IQ sit and run through a full cycle. After 10 minutes the unit will shut off. Power on again and repeat this process 3 times. You are now ready to use your Davinci IQ.

You are now ready to load. Open the lid on the base of the unit to expose the heating chamber. Pack your preferred dry herb in tightly for best performance, be careful with the Zirconia ball as once dislodged is easily lost. Close the bottom lid, choose your desired mouthpiece – recessed or extended 10mm adapter. 5 presses to power on (vibrates when ready), and you are ready to go by controlling the device’s settings manually or via the app.

To clean: Cleaning of the Davinci IQ is particularly important due to the elongated pathway between the heating chamber at the base of the unit through to the mouthpiece, via the internal flavour chamber. For general cleaning a sweep out of the heating chamber and flavour chamber with the included cleaning brush should suffice between sessions. Once a month or so (or when your draw resistance is impacted) you will need to take the unit apart for a more thorough clean out of built up gunk and resin. You will require Isopropyl Alcohol, cotton swabs/buds and a clean area to take the device apart. The heating chamber can be cleaned using a cotton bud lightly doused in Iso (or Hemper Tech Snap Caps work wonders). Scrub the chamber with the cotton bud, concentrating on any areas of build up. You may also remove the Zirconia Ball (very gently) as you will need to clean under and around it. Don’t lose the ball!

The flavour chamber is removeable via a small tool located to the very side of the flavour chamber. Slide the tool up and out and then use it to pull out the flavour chamber. Remove the lid and as before a cotton bud lightly doused with Iso should do the job. For gunk that just wont budge you may place the flavour chamber into a bowl of Isopropyl for soaking. Rinse well and allow to dry before reinserting. Finally you can take the mouthpiece apart and soak in Isopropyl before rinsing, drying and reattaching.

Contains – 1 Davinci IQ unit, 1 rechargeable/replaceable battery, USB charger, Zirconia removable flavour chamber, 2 mouthpieces – recessed and 10mm extender, cleaning tools, cleaning wipes, key chain tool and a small key chained carry can.

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