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The Davinci IQ was one of the first (dry) herbal vaporisers that I stocked in my store as well as being the first portable vaporiser that I purchased for myself. I now have the luxury of choosing between many different brands, and whilst I try them all I seem to always keep my Davinci IQ in the rotation (along with my beloved Volcano!).

I don’t usually have to explain the Davinci IQ (or MIQRO) to most of my customers as they are considered to be in the upper echelons of herbal vaping, with a stellar world-wide reputation. A true connoisseur brand for those that want an optimal experience. In a nutshell Davinci vaporisers are all about purity of flavour, innovation and an easy to control experience. Oh, and they are amazingly beautifully and sleek machines as well!

The MIQRO is Davinci’s latest iteration of the IQ model and is smaller, lighter, enhanced and more affordable. At a third of the size of the original IQ, the MIQRO is very portable and will easily slip into your pocket/bag. The Explorer edition offers you a carry case as well as a MIQRO Glove for extreme ease and safety whilst out and about.  Designed to be almost identical to the IQ, the MIQRO comes with a flat mouthpiece pre-installed but also offers you the option of an extended (straw-like) mouthpiece. You will also find a similar (smaller!) LED Display on the front of the unit along with up/down buttons located on the side. The oven is located at the base of the unit and unlike the IQ comes with an adjustable pearl to allow you to customise your sessions (micro-dose etc).

TIP: A major point of difference between the IQ and the MIQRO is that the MIQRO does not have the removeable flavour chamber and there is no Bluetooth App Integration for you to play with.

The ceramic heating chamber is located at the base of the unit and is marginally smaller than the IQ. This unit heats via 360° conduction with the walls of the chamber transferring heat throughout your herbal material. The chamber and battery doors have been enhanced allowing them to close more securely. Within the heating chamber, attached to the lid sits the Zirconium pearl. The pearl works to reflect heat back into the centre of the chamber effectively extracting more of the active ingredient. This amazing pearl can now be adjusted depending on how much herb is being vaped (up to 50% reduction), allowing you to effectively micro-dose if you so choose.

The incredible flavour you get from the Davinci MIQRO is all down to the Zirconium Airflow System/Ceramic Pathway. Zirconium (a form of high strength ceramic) provides the same pure flavour as glass but is 20x stronger! Not only is the entire pathway (oven and pearl included) Zirconium but so is the mouthpiece allowing you to draw the purest vapour you will ever taste in a vaporiser. The vapour pathway is completely removeable for easy cleaning. As with the IQ, the MIQRO will produce a quite satisfying amount of vapour whilst still staying on the discreet side.

Precision Temperature Control, Smart Path option and Boost mode are excellent features that Davinci offers (IQ and MIQRO), allowing you to choose between 3 distinct control options with just the click of a button. Davinci also provides a Stealth mode. Try them all, the choice is yours!

  • Precision Temperature Control is all about setting a desired temperature for the material being vaped. This temperature will stay constant during your session.
  • Whilst Smart Path Mode features 4 Smart Heating Paths that each offer a range of unique vaping experiences by increasing the temperature incrementally during your session.
  • On demand Boost mode will allow you to either get a super-fast heat up or fast cooling as needed.
  • Stealth mode is for those times when you don’t particularly want to be noticed and discretion is key. By choosing this mode the LED lights will be dimmed and the battery will be preserved.

Pay attention, as this is an incredible feature/bonus rarely seen in the herbal vaping world! Your MIQRO will come complete with not just one but two removeable rechargeable batteries. These are 18350 batteries and have a capacity of 900mAh each. I really love this feature as one of the biggest complaints I hear in regard to herbal vaping is almost always about battery life. Not so with the MIQRO (and IQ) whereby with a little forward planning you need never be without power again.


Also expect fast changing with the MIQRO at a blistering 90 minutes.

Safety features determine whether I will stock a vaporiser or not and Davinci as a brand does disappoint. As with other “session vapes”, the MIQRO has automatic shut-off to preserve your material and to ensure your safety. For extended vaping you can turn your vape back on over and over again. The Haptic Feedback feature is basically the unit vibrating when it turns on, is ready to use or when it shuts off allowing you to use your MIQRO safely in the dark.

To use: As with other convection heating units before usage it is recommended that you sterilise the unit to remove any debris left over from the manufacturing process. This is achieved by powering on the unit (5 pushes of the power button). Press the power button again to activate precision mode, press the up button to bring to the highest temperature – 220° (LED display). The unit will automatically begin to heat. Let the IQ sit and run through a full cycle. After the unit shuts off. Power on again and repeat this process 3 times. You are now ready to use your Davinci MIQRO.

To load open the bottom lid and fully load (pack tightly) with your ground up herbal material. Pack according to your own personal preference as you can manoeuvre the pearl to change the capacity of the heating chamber. Close the lid.

TIP: To adjust the pearl you will need to turn it counterclockwise till you reach the desired height.

Press the control button 5 times to power on the MIQRO, your device will turn on in Smart Path Mode. To change modes, press the control button again. Use the up/down buttons to change Smart Paths (4 options) and/or temperature if in Precision mode. Once a path/temperature is chosen your vape will start to heat and will vibrate when the desired temperature is reached. You can now hold your MIQRO to your mouth and inhale long and slow.

TIP: For Boost mode press and hold the control button (for max. temperature). Release your finger to activate standby mode which in turn will rapidly cool down the vaporiser to conserve your herb.

To clean: Herbal vaporisers require a thorough clean on a regular basis to continue to function efficiently and to provide clean pure vapour. Isopropyl Alcohol should be in the cupboard of all herbal vapers as it works well to dissolve built up resin and gunk. There are a few areas (some removeable, some not) to clean in the MIQRO including;

  • Heating oven – can easily be cleaned via a slightly damped cotton bud (Isopropyl Alcohol). Do not flood the chamber and allow to dry naturally. (Hemper Tech Cotton Snap Cap Alcohol wipes work amazingly!)
  • Don’t forget the pearl! It can be removed by unscrewing from its base. The pearl can be bathed with a small amount of Isopropyl . Allow to dry and reinstall.
  • The vapour path within is completely removeable. Access by opening the top lid where you will find the vapour path as well as the battery door. To the side of the vapour path you will find a small metal tool that will slide out and can be used to pull out the vapour path. Bathe along with the pearl as above. Allow to evaporate and reinstall. Don’t forget to place back the metal removal tool for future use!
  • Finally, I would also soak the mouthpiece. Remove any rubber parts and bathe the mouthpiece as above.
  • For all other unremovable parts simply wipe with a damp cloth. Be cautious as this is an electrical device!

Contains: x1 Davinci MIQRO, x2 18350 removeable/rechargeable batteries, x1 Carry can, x1 Glove, x1 Grinder card, x1 10mm Water tool adapter extended mouthpiece, x1 USB Cable, x1 tool, x4 cleaning swabs, x1 Peral posts, x1 Pearl Gaskets, x1 mouthpiece gasket, x1 carry case and x1 User’s manual


  • Zirconium Airflow System
  • Ceramic Pathway
  • Conduction heating
  • Removeable 18350 battery
  • Bypass vaping
  • Quick 90-minute charge
  • Precision Temperature Control
  • Smart Path Mode
  • Boost Mode
  • Stealth Mode
  • Haptic feedback (vibration alert)
  • LED Grid Light Display
  • X2 mouthpiece options (flat or straw-like)

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Blue, Graphite, Onyx


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