Vaporesso EUC Ceramic SS136L 0.3ohm Coils 5 pack


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A unique take on the humble coil!


**These are coil heads only and do not include the metal sleeve. Make sure you keep hold of the sleeve from within your tank/kit.

The Eco Universal Coil (EUC) is a little different to other beloved coils made by Vaporesso. Tiny little things designed for ease of use, flavour and cloud production. Quite a big call. The biggest point of difference is that with other coils you need to replace the entire coil head (shell, core, wick and connective element) but with this innovative new coil design all you swap out is the core. Very efficient and very environmental!

  • Easy to use
  • Powerful
  • Less wastage
  • Save money
  • Eco friendly
  • Patented design
Eco Universal  Ceramic  SS136L  – 0.3Ω 35 – 40W

Vaporesso was able to make the EUC so small as they did not add a thick metal casing allowing the coil a more direct connection to the device. And if threading your coils annoys you then you will love the easy pull in and out design. Really couldn’t be any easier.

TIP: Don’t let their small stature fool you, these coils are capable of quite some cloud production!

To use: Priming your new coil is the first task for any new coil/vaporiser and this is no exception. Priming helps to protect your coil and yourself from dry hits or a burnt horrible taste. These coils are a little unique and may require a little practice till you are a pro doing it with your eyes closed.

  • Turn tank upside down and unscrew base
  • Pull out the old EUC from the base (can turn base right way up for this step)
  • Insert a new EUC (the side with the black ring faces the base)
  • Rethread the base back onto the tank
  • Prime

Fiddly little coils to prime, so I would recommend filling your tank as per usual and then patiently waiting around 15ish minutes (the longer the better) till you begin to vape on a fresh coil.


Can be used with any Vaporesso Tank labelled ECO or an adapter will allow you to use them in most of Vaporesso’s line up as well as some other tanks.

Attitude tank, Drizzle tank, Veco Tank, Veco Plus tank and Estoc tank, Tarot Nano, Vaporesso Nebula Kit

Contains: x5 Eco Universal Coil (Ceramic SS136L) 0.3Ω Coils

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