Sekai Ichi Apple by Epitome Premium Blend 60ml 0mg


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Flavour Notes – Sweet, Succulent, Tart, Mild, Apple and Honey

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Amount: 60ml

VG 75%


PG 25%



VG/PG: 75%/25%

So an e juice that tastes of apples – sounds boring and quite stock standard hey? This is not any old apple we are talking about folks, this e juice is about the very special apple called Sekai Ichi.

So, what is a Sekai Ichi Apple? A Japanese variety considered to be one of the largest of apples. The name translates to “best in the world” or “World’s number 1”. A pretty big call but as these apples can sell for up to $20 a piece, maybe a good call.

Why would a fruit be so expensive you ask? Well a lot comes down to the tender loving care that they are given by farmers. I’m talking hand pollination and hand washing the apple in honey. My kind of madness!

Sekai Ichi Apples are sweet yet mild in flavour with very minimal tartness. Crispy and juicy with a sweet aroma. This extraordinary e juice is mild and will offer only a small throat hit with the amazing flavour of these apples. Add on the slight honey flavour (is this from hand washing them?) and you have an e juice that cant be matched.

Caution: High VG levels (70%+) are more suited to experienced users with a sub-ohm tank set up as the higher viscosity of VG may cause issues with basic beginner style setups.

As per the current laws in this fine country of ours, all E-Liquids sold at We are Lux contain 0mgs of nicotine just the finest flavours we can source worldwide!

Flavour Notes – Sweet, Succulent, Tart, Mild, Apple and Honey!