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Firefly Vapor pretty much only makes one product – The Firefly Vaporiser. For those of you who are unaware the Firefly is a top-tier luxury herbal vaporiser. Pretty much the cream of the crop with a stellar reputation for creating vaporisers for hard core herbal connoisseurs. Firefly vaporisers are known universally for their ability to create fabulous tasting vapour on demand with minimal wastage. Firefly covers any workmanship and defect issues with the Firefly 2+ for two years. Like all of their products, the Firefly 2+ vaporizer is covered by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

The Firefly 2+ is meticulously crafted from aero-space grade materials (magnesium alloy body and a quartz viewing window) and looks/operates like no other vape that I sell/own. The 2+ is an upgrade from the Firefly 2 with a variety of improvements such as; better less restrictive airflow, more consistent results, a price drop, quicker heat up times and improved battery life. The 2+ is the same size and looks identical to the 2 with the same magnetic top lid and touch sensors. A portable vaporiser but you may need a bag/pouch or rather large pockets to carry it about. Or check out the Firefly vaporiser case (yes, I sell it!).

  • Length 5.1 in / 13 cm
  • Width 1.4 in / 3.6 cm
  • Depth 0.95 in / 2.4 cm
  • Weight 4.9 oz / 140 g

Marketed primarily as a dry herb vaporiser, the Firefly 2+ can be considered dual use as concentrate pads (stainless steel) are included in this kit allowing you to vaporiser herbal concentrates. I don’t usually recommend dual use vapes as there always seems to be a compromise in some way or another with functionality of one or both. Not so with the Firefly 2+ which is said to produce some pretty flavourful dab sessions. The hits are drawn out over a period of time instead of a single concentrated hit. 

A massive plus for the Firefly 2+ is the removable/rechargeable battery 7.4V Lithium ion 770mAh battery. Whilst this is still the same battery that can be found in the Firefly 2 there has been a firmware upgrade increasing total battery life. If you already have the Firefly 2 you will be happy to know that the battery for both is interchangeable.

TIP: Quite a fast battery to charge and should charge completely within 45 minutes.

The Firefly 2+ heats entirely via convection – the movement of hot air over and through the herbal material and only heats on demand (inhalation). Not your average convection heater, the Firefly 2 uses Dynamic Convection heating which doesn’t reach maximum temperature immediately instead this innovative vaporiser will increase the temperature throughout your draw enabling you to fully experience all the nuances of flavour. As a full convection vaporiser, you will notice amazing flavours that aren’t expressed fully when using a conduction vaporiser. Heating upon inhalation only enables you to vape at will without having to sit through an entire heating session. The FireFly 2+ has been engineered to heat up incredibly quickly but to also reduce the heat fast so that it does not overheat. Therefore, you can take days or even weeks to finish the one packed chamber if you so desire, making this vaporiser highly efficient.

TIP: The Firefly 2+ has a lightning fast heat up speed, 20 seconds from cold to inhalation. 3 second heat up time on average during use.

7 heating profiles are provided with this device, accessible via either the Firefly 2+ itself or the mobile Bluetooth app. The Firefly app is free and available to download at the iTunes and Android App stores, or at The Firefly app will allow you to fully customise your device, calibration, fully control temperature, upgrade firmware and many other features. Please read your instruction manual for full app instructions.

Each of the 7 temperatures can be accessed directly via the sensors located on either side of the Firefly 2+. To begin you will need to press and hold the right-side sensor, whilst still holding down the right button tap the left button 3 times fast. You are now in temperature setting mode and the LED will blink red 1 – 7 times to indicate current setting. To change temperature simply tap (1-7 taps) the left sensor again.  The 7 heating settings are as follows…

1 tap – Ultra low 320°F – 160°C
2 taps – Low 340°F – 170°C
3 taps – Medium Low 350°F – 182°C
4 taps – Medium 380°F – 193°C
5 taps – Medium High 400°F – 204°C
6 taps – High 420°F – 215°C
7 taps – Concentrates setting ONLY 500°F – 260°C

One of the reasons that I have always loved the Firefly is the ease of access to the entire vapour pathway – bowl to mouthpiece. Easy to load and easy to clean. The bowl/heating chamber is accessed by removing the magnetic lid and I’m not sure that it could get any easier than that. The heating chamber is made from high grade borosilicate glass that works in conjunction with the borosilicate glass airpath both working together to ensure purity and an unadulterated flavour.

TIP: Unlike the Firefly 2, the 2+ allows you to pack the bowl to your preference. Pack fully or load with smaller amounts for micro-dosing, the choice is yours. A full bowl will vape more efficiently though.

As per other convection units please sterilise your device before first usage to remove any leftover manufacturing debris. Press and hold down the buttons located on either side of the unit. Green light will flash to indicate heating up is in process. Once heated the light will become solid green. The heating cycle is short and will only last about 30 seconds and the device will automatically shut off. Repeat this process 2 more time and you are now ready to use.

To use: Obviously a full charge is recommended before using your Firefly 2+. Use the included charging dock – solid Blue LED light when fully charged. Using a grinder to prepare your herb is strongly recommended as that ensures consistent vaping. Not a fine grind though, coarse is best. Lift up the magnetic lid and fill the heating chamber slightly past the rim and tamp down. Before replacing the lid make sure no debris has been left behind on any interior surface.

TIP: Don’t overpack as you will need room for adequate airflow.

To begin heating you will need to lightly place your fingers on both sensors these are not buttons, so you do not need to press down. LED will blink green twice and will then turn solid green when ready. Continue to hold the touch screens whilst you inhale long and slow for 10ish seconds (will allow you to inhale for 30 seconds before shutting down). Release the touch sensors to stop heating and for rapid cooling. Repeat till you replace the herb.

TIP: Herbal vaping connoisseurs tend to mix the contents of the bowl every few inhales or so. This enables full extraction to occur.

If you are wanting to vaporise concentrates you will need to place the included concentrate pad into the heating chamber (push down firmly for a snug fit). Apply your concentrate material (grain of rice size – don’t overload!) directly to the pad. You may now snap on the magnetic lid. Very important to use the concentrate heating option ONLY when using concentrates and the concentrate pads! Once temperature is selected and device is powered on (press both sensors on either side), wait till solid green light and you are ready to go. Inhale long and slow to start. As drawing in air heats the concentrate up you may need to inhale a few times before it is ready. Once pad is heated normal draws are sufficient.

To clean: An incredibly easy unit to clean, possibly one of the easiest. I recommend using a small bristled brush to sweep out your herb in between uses. You can leave herbal material within the bowl for a long duration of time, but I would remove it once all active ingredients are fully extracted. This is just a basic clean and you will need to regularly do a more thorough removal of all built up gunk and resins. You will need to focus on the entire length of the vapour pathway starting with the bowl. A cotton swab (ear bud) lightly doused in Isopropyl Alcohol can be used to clean out the borosilicate bowl. Do not flood the chamber with Alcohol! Alcohol wipes will work a charm on the vapour path, chassis and the lid. Allow all pieces to dry before reassembling. It is also recommended that you regularly pry off the mouthpiece and check that no material is stuck on the inside screen.

Contains – x1 FireFly 2+ vaporiser, x1 stainless steel concentrate pad, x1 rechargeable battery, x1 USB–C 3.0 cable, X1 charging dock (device snaps in for easy charging), x3 Alcohol wipes and x1 User Guide.



  • Manufacturer: Firefly (USA)
  • Made in: China
  • Device Dimensions: 13cm x 3.6cm x 2.4cm
  • Materials: Stainless steel, Borosilicate glass
  • Heating Element: Food safe super-alloy/Borosilicate glass
  • Heating Time: 3-5 seconds
  • On demand convection heating
  • Dual use – Dry herb and concentrates
  • Temperature Range: 160°C – 215°C plus additional “concentrates” setting
  • Temperature Control: Smartphone app
  • Battery: Rechargeable/replaceable 7.4V Li-Ion 770mAh
  • Charger: magnetic charging cradle w/ USB-C 3.0 cable
  • Warranty:  2 Years (Limited – workmanship and defects)

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