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Dabbing at its simplest


Grenco Science consistently engineers the most advanced user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, portable vaporisers on the market. They pride themselves on their innovation and the G Pen LXE is no exception. So good that they ask that you register your serial number with them, so they can counteract counterfeits!

The LXE is an upgraded version of the G Pen Nova with a few important improvements. My first impression straight out of the box was how solid and well built the LXE is. Not larger than many of the designer lip glosses that I own, this vape pen is probably the smallest wax/concentrates (dabbing!) vape that I have come across so far. Not just a vape for dabbing though, as the battery is variable voltage, 510 threaded and easily removable you can use it with your oil cartridges. So technically a dual use vape pen!

The LXE is a very easy vape pen to use and is a great option for beginners and dabbing aficionados alike! Everything you need for an enjoyable dab session is built right into the vaporiser making this an extremely portable device. Easy to pocket and easy to use. One of my favourite parts of this innovative vape pen is the mouthpiece which has a Stainless-Steel dab tool built right into it. This tool easily detaches for cleaning when required.

The atomiser is 100% ceramic and is fairly deep, holding more than enough for an effective session. Ceramic is great at providing a pure flavourful and aromatic experience. The loading tool easily slips into place directly atop the atomiser. This is a very convenient feature helping you avoid a potentially messy/sticky/wasteful scenario.

TIP: Unless you are a seasoned dabber, I recommend starting with only a small amount of your wax/concentrates to properly gauge the effect. A grain of rice is a good size guide.

The LXE comes complete with an internal 650mAh battery that can be charged via the included USB Cable. With moderate use you should only need to recharge every few days. A further unique feature is the ability to charge and vape at the same time (pass-through charging). Most vapes do not have this function requiring you to wait, not so with the LXE!

TIP: As the battery portion of the LXE is standard 510 threaded you are able to swap out the LXE mouthpiece/ceramic heating chamber with any 510 threaded tank or cartridge.

3 voltage options are provided for you to choose from – 3.2V, 3.6V and 4.1V. Each being represented by a different coloured light around the fire button. 3 clicks on the power button will cycle you through each setting. The LXE also has a 4th option for you to choose from – the extended draw mode. This feature is accessed by pushing the button twice and will allow you to continuously draw for a short session. The LXE will heat for 15 continuous seconds without you having to hold down the fire button Great for larger hits or if you are sharing your session.

3.2V Blue – Minimal vapor
3.6V Green – Moderate vapour
4.1V Red – Maximum vapour

Grenco Science has redesigned their airflow system for this unit to promote even vaporisation. The new Patented “check” ball airflow technology works to create more even heating. This system is a form of reverse airflow helping to keep your vaporiser at consistent temperatures during draws as well as improving draw resistance and vapour production.

To use: Ensure you have fully charged your device, particularly if this is your first use right out of the box. I would recommend unscrewing the heating chamber/mouthpiece off the battery to load. Less chance of mess in my opinion.

  • Pull up on the mouthpiece to reveal the dab tool.
  • Carefully load a small amount of your concentrate onto the dab tool.
  • Carefully replace the mouthpiece portion.
  • Rethread onto the battery.

TIP: If you would like more direct access to the heating element and/or inner walls you can remove the connector directly beneath the mouthpiece.

As with all vapes x5 click of the power button will both turn on and off your LXE. The indicator light will briefly appear blinking x3 times (colour is the last set voltage). X3 clicks will allow you to select your preferred voltage.

When ready simply hold down the power button to activate the heating element at your selected voltage. This is the standard mode and will heat for 10 seconds. Inhale during those 10 seconds. X2 clicks of power button will enter you into the extended mode (15 seconds).

TIP: You can stop heating at any time by pressing the button once.

To clean: A fairly easy unit to clean but you will need to be thorough as concentrates can build up quite quickly and gunk up your device. I would pay particular attention to the dab tool when cleaning. Isopropyl Alcohol (90%+) and some cotton swabs are pretty much all the cleaning equipment you will need. A cotton swab dipped in Isopropyl should suffice to thoroughly clean the dab tool. Take your time though, ensuring that you get into all the nooks and crannies. The ceramic chamber can be cleaned in exactly the same way but a cotton ear bud may make the job easier than a swab. For extremely stubborn gunk you may need to do a burn off, with your unit set to the highest voltage (red). Allow all alcohol to evaporate before use.

Contains: x1 510 threaded 650mAh LXE battery, x1 mouthpiece/dab tool/connector piece and x1 USB Charger.


  • 100% Ceramic heating bowl
  • 650mAh battery capacity (pass-through capability)
  • 510 threaded battery compatible with other 510 tanks and cartridges
  • Patented reverse airflow and “check” ball valve system
  • Built-in Stainless-Steel dab tool
  • Variable voltage plus extended draw mode


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