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The Groove Grinder by Aerospaced is one of the most innovative advances in grinder cutting tech in quite some time. This 4-piece grinder/sifter provides the ultimate grinding experience for dry herbs. This aluminium grinder has “innovative co-axial turbine technology”, meaning that it does not have teeth (as do most other grinders on the market today). This unique design slices dry matter incredibly finely rather than smashing it together as other conventional grinders do, hence no residual matter gets stuck in the teeth. The result is a perfect consistency for herbal vaporising and smoking alike.

How does it work? Made from anodized aerospace-grade aluminium, the Aerospaced 4-piece is CNC milled from a solid block. The upper cover/grind plate magnetically affixes to the lower grind plate where the ludicrously sharp teeth shred even the densest herbs, whilst separating stems and sticks. The processed plant matter falls through to a screened collections area that unscrews from the lower plate. The included guitar pick scraper can be used to pick up your loose herb ready for use.

The groove Grinder is one of the finest grinders you will ever use. Well built and designed for efficiency. The magnetic upper lid makes twisting much easier than screw-top models – no need to line up threads. Surprisingly easy to open, no matter how often you use it. The shred is just fantastic. Super fine—even the occasional stem is no match—and perfect for rolling. Trust me, when you go grinder you never go back!

Includes: aluminium sifter screen, a pollen retention tray and a guitar pick scraper.

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