Higher Standards Heavy Duty Dab Rig Kit

The ultimate dab rig


If you know Higher Standards you know they do nothing by halves. Higher Standards was created to provide aficionados with the tools they need for the most elevated smoking experience. On all levels Higher Standards knows how to create lust-worthy products, from their simple yet cool packaging all the way through to premium function and design. Each and every one of their products are worthy of display in your home. The Beaker was the first Higher Standards product I ever encountered, and I have been selling them steadily since. My Higher Standards range is ever growing, and I will happily stock anything they make.

TIP: Higher Standards products are all made in the USA.

The Heavy-Duty Rig is the second product that I sourced from the fine folks at Higher Standards. I instantly knew I wanted to showcase the brand in store, and I have displayed their wares proudly ever since. My range has grown since those first days and I still love all that Higher Standards does. The Rig is a fairly classic design, not too tall and not too short (very Goldilocks!) with a wide flared mouthpiece and has been designed with maximum water filtration and flavour in mind. For those that are new to the game, dab rigs are engineered specifically for the water filtration of concentrates/wax (AKA Dabbing). Bowls are not used with dab rigs and a banger is required (more on that soon). Higher Standards has crafted this unit for those who really like their hits on the larger side along with a nice burst of flavour.

TIP: Hard to accurately measure but The Rig measures in at just under 7 inches (side arm portion) or for all you Australians 18cms tall!


As with all their glass pieces it has been handcrafted from durable medical-grade borosilicate glass and is highly thermal resistant enabling it to withstand all variations in temperature. This glass is extra-extra thick (7mm), hence the heavy-duty nature of this Rig. This is a water pipe that has been designed to last the distance and it will take a lot for you to crack it (please don’t test this claim and stay safe!). The base is wide for added stability, helping to keep you safe whilst using high temperatures.

TIP: The Rig has a non-porous surface effectively helping to prevent build up gunk. Also making this a very easy unit to clean.


A 100% Quartz Crystal Banger is provided in this kit. This banger is crazy-thick to withstand extreme temperatures and not crack and my advice is to never trust a skinny banger! Designed to be deep to avoid any splashing/bubbling/overflow that may occur. The banger is capable of pulling intense flavour out of concentrates at a lower temperature effectively delivering smooth and flavoursome rips.

TIP: A secure ground glass connection provides an airtight seal when all pieces are in place allowing for as deep a hit as you can handle


I find the down stem on this rig to be quite interesting and it should probably be labelled a side stem for the purposes of accuracy. Beneath the banger heading in a downwards direction is where the stem begins it then seamlessly (a perfect airtight ground glass connection) enters into the internal water reservoir. The down stem is now technically a side stem as it sits horizontally within the chamber.  Extra-thin slits (4) on the down stem generate finer bubbles, maximizing contact between smoke and moisture for a smoother draw. An airtight seal promotes deep chugging, ensuring thorough water filtration. Smoke sifts into the water chamber where it is filtered, purified and amplified to perfection.

Lastly but definitely not least I present to you the premium Collectors Case and please don’t imagine just any old box. Higher Standards likes to provide reusable foam lined cases for all their glass enabling you to keep your glass safe or to travel in style. All parts are allocated their own encased area and a sturdy handle is provided. This is a Dab Rig crafted for connoisseurs by connoisseurs with all bases covered providing a seamless, clean and pure smoking experience.


First step is to fill your Rig with water. I recommend not overfilling and filling to just a little over the percolator holes of the down stem.

  • Effective dabbing is dependent on the lighter being used. A torch-style lighter is required to attain the heats required.
  • Before any dangerous heating occurs, I recommend using a dab tool to scoop out a tiny portion of your concentrate and place aside in an easy to reach location.
  • Ensuring that you are safe and standing near anything flammable you will need to use your torch to heat up the banger for approximately 20-30 seconds (or more).
  • Set the torch aside in a safe location, ensuring that it is turned off.
  • It is highly recommended that you wait a short period of time (maybe 30 seconds or so) before applying your concentrate within the heated banger. This will help with harshness and flavour.
  • I tend to start inhaling and getting the water bubbling within the rig a fraction of a second before applying any product. Swirl your dab tool around the interior of the banger.
  • Remove the dab tool, grab a carb cap and place it over the banger whilst you continue to inhale.
  • You are effectively done when nothing is pulling through.


You have options when cleaning glassware, you can either use one of the myriad of prepackaged cleaning solutions (ensure you rinse thoroughly to ensure no chemicals remain) or you can use my favourite method of Isopropyl Alcohol blended with Rock Salt (check out Higher Standards Salt Rox). The 2 work perfectly together to dissolve and abrade resins/gunk away.

As for the banger, I would soak that overnight in Isopropyl. Please be gentle with the banger though, it is the weakest point in the rig and can break if mishandled. Rinse thoroughly and allow all parts to dry before reassembling.

TIP: I like to use my torch (Higher Standards Big Blazer Torch is my choice) to clean the banger between uses by applying heat directly to any melted-on gunk until it dissolves. I also like to use cotton buds that have been lightly dipped in Isopropyl Alcohol to mop up any leftovers (let the banger cool a little first). This process should not replace the major cleans that your rig will need to undergo regularly to maintain a pure and flavoursome experience.


x1 Higher Standards Heavy Duty Rig, x1 Quartz Banger (14mm male), x2 double ended dab tools (1 long and 1 short), x1 Silicone concentrates container and x1 reusable foam lined carry case.


  • Made from Heavy-Duty Hand-blown Borosilicate Glass and Quartz
  • Made in the USA
  • 7mm Glass
  • Portable Water Filtration
  • Superior airflow
  • Fixed diffused down stem
  • Low temp Quartz Banger
  • Dab tool
  • Silicone Concentrates case (4 compartments)
  • Reusable foam lined Collectors Case
  • Sturdy base
  • Wide mouthpiece
  • Smooth and flavoursome

This is a collectors item and at We are Lux we don’t encourage the breaking of any Australian laws.

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