Hydrology 9 water filtration herbal vaporiser


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This one of a kind very fancy looking dry herb vaporiser has a built-in water filtration system to cool down the vapour. It has 5 temperature settings and an LED light indicator system. This is a very advanced unit built with anti-rust spacecraft grade aluminium alloy, borosilicate glass (AKA very strong glass that isn’t affected by changes in temperature) and a complete 360° anti-leak mechanism. The patent pending “tunnel tube” built in water filtration system facilitates cleaner and smoother inhalations. This unit has a generously deep ceramic heating chamber located at the base and includes an integrated stirrer to promote movement within the chamber, thus a more even burn.

As with other dry herb units it is highly recommended that you sterilise the unit. To start power on by pressing 3 times. Use the button to then toggle through the 5 temperature settings (1 push each to move to next colour/level) till you reach the highest temperature (red for hottest to sterilise). Once the red light stops flashing and turns a solid green the unit will automatically begin to heat (inhalation mode) so set it aside for a full heating cycle. The unit automatically powers down after 10 minutes of non-use. Repeat this process 3 times.  This should remove any manufacturing debris left within the unit.

LED Light Colours:

Flashing Blue 1st degree – lowest temperature
Flashing Yellow 2nd degree
Flashing Orange 3rd degree
Flashing Purple 4th degree
Flashing Red 5th degree – highest temperature
Flashing Green Desired temperature is reached. Inhale
Solid Light Blue Standby mode – session complete

To use: Twist the bottom chamber cover anti-clockwise to reveal the heating chamber. Fill the chamber with your ground up dry herb material (pack it down but not too tightly) and then twist the bottom chamber back into place. Place unit the right side up and twist off the mouthpiece/aluminium anti-leak top cover. Fill this opening with water (Piece water excellent for this unit) – remember to only fill to about 70% of the water chamber. Replace mouth piece/aluminium anti-leak liquid valve and power on (3 pushes). When the power is on every single press will rotate between the 5 temperature settings. At the desired temperature simply wait for the flashing light to turn solid green and voila you are ready to inhale!

This vaporiser is exceptionally easy to clean as most parts screw apart for easy reach.

Contains: Hydrology 9 Vaporiser, AC Adapter and charging cable, User manual. 1 long cleaning brush, 1 short cleaning brush, 1 flat head screwdriver and 1 cleaning tool.


  • Space grade anodized aluminum alloy body. Borosilicate Glass mouthpiece.
  • 2000mAh lithium polymer battery (safe cell phone grade) Full charge takes 2-3 hours – lasting approximately 15 sessions. Takes approximately 60 seconds to reach optimal heat.
  • Food grade porcelain chamber.
  • Vaporisation chamber dimension – 18 mm x 10 mm
  • Hydrology 9 dimension measures – 45 mm x 175 mm
  • Package dimension measures – 217mm X 130 mm X 70mm

Recommended for purchase with this unit – Hydrology9 leather travel case and Piece water


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