Smok Infinix Pods 3 pack


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**Replacement pods for  the Smok Infinix only.

So you own an Smok Infinix vaporiser, lucky you! If the taste of your e liquid is starting to lose its flavour or just tastes weird, then I guess it is time for a new pod. Infinix Pods are designed to last for between 10-15 refills, which in my opinion is pretty good in comparison to many other pod systems.

Infinix Pods are made from polycarbonate and hold 2mls of your favourite e liquid. The pods have been cleverly designed with a simple side refill method enclosed by a rubber plug. The rubber plug seals the tiny fill hole rather well and prevents any undesired leaks. The fill hole is on the smaller side so make sure that you hold onto the e liquid injection (needle nosed) bottle that comes provided with the Smok Infinix Starter Kit.

The atomiser core (1.4Ω) is integrated into the pod, utilising a special cotton to provide optimal vapour production as well as flavour and more importantly, there isn’t any metallic or weird aftertaste, which is a common issue with some pre-built coils. Each pod also incorporates a small window, so you can always know how much e-liquid is left and when a refill is needed.

To use: Exceptionally easy to use. To fill/refill your pod gently slide out the magnetic pod and open the small rubber plug located on the side (slide to the side). Using the included e-liquid injection bottle you can now fill the pod (2ml capacity). Replace the rubber plug and reinsert the pod back into the battery – the internal magnets will keep it locked in place. Do not inhale immediately after filling your pod, you will need to set the unit aside for a few minutes (5-10) to allow the cotton to completely saturate.

Contains: x3 Infinix Pods