Infyniti 2.5″ 4-piece Zinc Grinder with Drawer


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Upon first glance of the Infyniti website (wholesale) you will immediately ascertain that they specialise in scales, some pretty cool scales at that (interesting artwork). Upon further examination I came across their revolving rotation of products (some rare licensed items) for an elevated smoking session. They try to touch on all manner of items ranging from glassware to rolling papers and strive to never be viewed as mediocre or overpriced.


So, another grinder, huh? In a world full of vast varieties of grinder what should one look for when looking for a good quality option that should last you a lifetime?  A heavy-duty, durable device is the first thing to look for. Then you should ask yourself, how easy is it to clean and maintain? Threading plays a big role in determining how much cleaning a grinder will need as they easily gunk up over time. A magnetic connection (at least one) will make your life easier but then again how strong is the magnet? Lastly, I would ensure that the grinder is of an appropriate size for your level of usage. A small grinder may be cute but if you need to keep refilling and emptying it, you will get exasperated over time.

I am currently holding the Infyniti grinder and can attest to the fact that it is heavy. Not unliftable break a bone heavy, but quite hefty. The body of this grinder is made of zinc and has a really nice finish to it. This grinder is a 4-piece consisting of a top lid, grinding plate, storage chamber and a bottom kief collector (with pollen scraper included). The top is a fairly strong magnetised lid (major bonus), which will make it easy for you to quickly get your grind on.

Some pretty impressive (strong) diamond-shaped teeth can be found within, nice and widely spaced making grinding an ease. Once your herb is all nice and fluffy it will collect within the middle storage chamber awaiting usage. The innovation within the Infyiniti is the swivel-open drawer (located on the exterior of the grinder) that allows you to easily access your herb without having to take anything apart. Genius!


Pull off the magnetised lid and place your hand shredded herbal material within the teeth. Replace the lid and then slide the lid from side to side, allowing the teeth to perform their magic. Once done you are left with 2 options. You can either use your grinder for storage till your herb is needed or you can dispense straight away via the handy swivel drawer.

TIP: To dispense you will need to use your fingernail to pry open the door on the exterior of the grinder. When not in use the spout stays neatly tucked away within the body.


Grinders need to be cleaned regularly to keep them functioning optimally. The teeth can get gunked up with resin/oil as can any threading. I would also pay attention to the spout/drawer. You can use either Isopropyl Alcohol (plus cotton swabs and polishing cloth) or a dedicated Grinder Cleaner (Cali Clean does a good one). Cleaning your grinder regularly will also shorten the amount of time you need to dedicate to keeping your grinder in tip top condition.


x1 Infyniti 2.5″ 4-Piece Zinc Grinder with Drawer and x1 Pollen Scraper (Gun metal in colour)


  • 2.5”
  • 4-piece grinder
  • Made from Zinc
  • Diamond shaped teeth
  • Dispensing drawer
  • Affordable
  • Magnetised top lid
  • Pollen Scraper included


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