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Not many in the 420-lifestyle vape world have not heard of the powerhouse that is Kandypens. A massive brand from California that pumps out beautifully designed and highly functional vaporisers, one after another. Many of their releases are a collaboration between themselves and a famous artist/rapper (DJ Khaled, Amber Rose, A$AP Rocky and more). This is a brand that I greatly admire and the best bit? Kandypens offers a lifetime warranty on all battery devices.


The K-Vape Pro is a handheld portable herbal vaporiser for dry herbs designed to provide maximum flavour for those on a budget and has been awarded the “best dry herb vape under $100 (USD)” by The Vape Critic. The K-Vape Pro is an updated version of the original K-Vape with more temperature options and an improved (glass) mouthpiece that incorporates “cooling technology”. Made from anodized aluminium this is a durable, easy to use and easy to carry device, standing at 4.75” tall x 1” in diameter. Hybrid heating will help provide some pretty great flavour along with thick vapour.

The K-Vape Pro operates via an 1100mAh internal, rechargeable and unremovable battery. Not the world’s longest battery life but an adequate amount for moderate vaping. An added bonus is the ability to vape whilst charging (pass-through charging) allowing you to continue vaping as long as the vape is plugged in.

I love the mouthpiece provided in this kit, and 2 are included with the K-Vape Pro. The mouthpiece is quite thick and wide, is made of glass and has some cleverly designed “cooling technology” that helps to disperse the vapour by increasing the vapour path resistance resulting in a cool and comfortable hit.

Measuring: 2.5mm x 2mm x 120mm


Dry herb vaporisers generally work in either one of 3 different ways – conduction, convection or hybrid heating. Each offer their own range of positives and negatives. Conduction is the process whereby the walls of the heating chamber heat up and that heat is then transferred via the herbal material within the chamber. Convection is the movement of hot air over and through the herbal material and usually only heats on demand (inhalation). The K-Vape Pro is a hybrid vape, providing the best of both worlds. The walls of chamber heat the herb during the 5-minute session time, but the material only fully heats when you take a draw and the hot air releases.

TIP: To get the most out of this vape I recommend long and slow inhalations.

The body of the K-Vape Pro is very simple with no screen provided for precise temperature control. 4 pre-set temperatures provided with a single button located at the front of the unit enabling you to choose your preferred setting as well as functioning as the on/off button. Each pre-set temperature is represented by a different coloured LED light…

  • Yellow LED: 350°F – 177°C
  • Green LED: 375°F – 190°C
  • Red LED: 400°F – 204°C
  • Blue LED: 428°F – 220°C

TIP: Even at the highest temperature setting, the K-Vape Pro should take no more than 30 seconds to heat (approximately).


The mouthpiece portion of this vape sits right above the heating chamber and in some inferior vaporisers this situation could result in an uncomfortably warm vaping session. The reason for this is simple, whereby the shorter the pathway for vapour to move through the less time the vapour has to cool down and smooth out its flavour (remember that it has just left a very hot oven). This does not mean that all herbal vaporisers with a shorter pathway are inferior, high quality budget level vaporisers will include some form of resistance for the vapour to make its way through. The K Vape Pro has incorporated resistance into the mouthpiece. On the underside of the mouthpiece base is a showerhead-like screen that helps to disperse the heat of the vapor. But the vapor doesn’t simply go straight up to the mouth after that. Inside, sitting above the screen is a “honeycomb” piece that sends the vapor on a zigzag path to further cool it.

Beneath the mouthpiece you will find the cylindrical ceramic heating chamber. I will be honest the chamber is not what I would call large and according to the Kandypens site the chamber can hold up to 0.5 grams of dry herbal material (I recommend using less – around 0.3g). The K-vape Pro is a session vape meaning that it heats within a certain period of time (5-minute sessions) before powering off to save on battery life. You are able to turn the device off prior to the end of your session if a smaller dose if your desire, keeping in mind that it will not cool down immediately.

TIP: I strongly recommend not overpacking to allow for adequate airflow and a pleasurable experience.


  • x1 K-Vape Pro 1100 mAh battery component
  • x2 glass mouthpiece
  • x2 screens – both attached to a mouthpiece
  • x1 cylindrical cleaning brush
  • x1 Micro USB Charger.


  • Very easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Anodized Aluminium shell
  • Black in colour
  • 4 pre-set temperatures
  • Pass through charging
  • 5 minutes shut off timer
  • Hybrid – Convection/Conduction heating
  • Great flavour and vapour
  • Durable glass mouthpiece with Extended pathway “Cooling Technology”
  • Lifetime warranty on battery

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