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Not many in the 420-lifestyle vape world have not heard of the powerhouse that is Kandypens. A massive brand from California that pumps out beautifully designed and highly functional vaporisers, one after another. Many of their releases are a collaboration between themselves and a famous artist/rapper (DJ Khaled, Amber Rose, A$AP Rocky and more). This is a brand that I greatly admire and the best bit? Kandypens offers a lifetime warranty on all parts. Yes, all parts!

Dabbing is really starting to take off in Australia and in the past 6 months I have had many customers come in to ask me about this new “phenomenon”! Dabbing is generally achieved via using either a vaporiser or a rig/blowtorch set up, each with its own pros and cons. I personally find a vape designed solely for dabbing is the safest way to go. The PuffCo Peak and the Hyer e Rig have been my go-to vaporisers for portable dab vaping and now I am ever so excited about the Oura – the new kid on the block in the world of portable premium dab rigs. A vaporiser loved by a variety of (pretty harsh) critics whose opinions I respect.

As it is Kandypens you know that this vape is going to look good with a durable zinc-alloy exterior, a wide base for stability, a no-touch power/temperature button and a bell-shaped (removable) water bubbler. Powered by a 3000mAh internal built-in battery (USB-C Fast Charge) with 4 pre-set temperatures that are higher than your average dab vaporisers. The following 4 temperature, each represented by a different colour (LED band) come standard..

620°F – 327°C Yellow – less vapour, smaller hit
860°F – 460°C Green
980°F – 527°C Red
1090°F – 588°C Blue – most vapour, largest hit

The Oura heats incredibly fast – 5 to 20 seconds (!) with haptic feedback (vibration alert) when ready and has a 4-minute auto-shutdown feature to help keep you safe. I love this next feature – you can charge your Oura and vape simultaneously (pass-through charging)!! A very cool feature that enables you to vape for longer periods of time, though you will need to charge for approximately 10 minutes before you can vape. The LED ring will glow to show you the current battery life when holding down the sensor button for 5 seconds (red – low, yellow – mid range, green – full power).

TIP: The Oura comes with Sesh-Mode which enables the coil to heat continuously for one minute for when you just need a longer session. This feature will turn itself off if unused for 4 minutes to conserve battery life. X2 taps on the sensor button will initiate sesh mode.

2 interchangeable atomisers are provided in this kit – one ceramic and one quartz crystal (pre-installed). Each atomiser slips easily in and out of the extended side compartment and both are generously sized enabling you to customise your session with bigger hits and more vapour is you so choose (take care though, especially if a new to dabbing). A heating element (nichrome) sits within the side compartment with a tether attached that keeps a hold on the carb cap.

TIP: The quartz atomiser heats up faster than the ceramic atomiser with purer flavour and denser vapour.

The beautifully curved glass bubbler is quite hefty and like all Kandypens vaporisers are made using the highest quality ingredients. This bubbler allows for water filtration and the bulbous shape helps to keep airflow low. The addition of water when dabbing allows for ease of vaping and a smooth experience even at very high temperatures.

To use: If straight out of the box I strongly recommend a full charge to ensure longevity of your battery. Place the bubbler in place ensuring that the intake hole lines up with the atomiser vent.

Once the bubbler is in place you can add water. Don’t overfill! Make sure to fill so that the two air holes in the center are covered, while not also getting water into the air intake valve.

Select an atomiser and gently insert it atop the heating coil in the extended side compartment. If not already in place affix the carb cap and tether around the heating coil. X5 taps of the sensor button will power the Oura on. You can now choose a pre-set temperature by tapping the sensor 3 times, once complete you can tap once more to begin heating. Once heating is complete you can load your concentrate directly into the atomiser, cover with carb cap and inhale. For extended sessions x2 clicks for sesh-mode.

TIP: You can also use the atomisers as you would an e nail by adding your concentrate whilst heating is occurring.

To clean: A low maintenance unit as the only parts to clean are the atomisers and glass bubbler. Atomisers are pretty easy to clean requiring a simple cleanout with a cotton swab lightly doused in Isopropyl Alcohol. I find that doing this when your atomiser is still warm really simplifies the process. Dabbing connoisseurs wipe out the atomiser after each dab is completed for the purest experience.

As for the glass bubbler I would remove it from the base and wash it gently in warm soapy water. Isopropyl Alcohol wipes/swabs can also be used on stubborn built-up gunk. Allow all to dry before reassembling.

Contains – x1 Kandypens Oura, x1 quartz crystal atomiser, x1 ceramic atomiser, x1 carb-cap and tether, x1 dab tool, USB-C charging cable, x4 cotton swabs and a velvet carry case.


  • Manufactured by Kandypens
  • Awarded “Best portable dab rig of 2019” by the Vape Critic
  • Awarded “Best e-nail 2019” by the Vape Guide
  • Awarded “Best e-nail for dabs 2019” by Vaping360
  • Compatible with wax concentrates
  • Developed and designed in the US
  • Durable Zinc Alloy body
  • Dimensions: 7” tall
  • 3000mAh internal rechargeable battery
  • USB-C Fast charging
  • Pass through charging capability
  • Temperature range: 327°C – 588°C
  • 5-20 second heat up time
  • 4-minute auto shut off
  • Haptic vibration
  • Smart touch sensor
  • LED Light illumination
  • Quartz atomiser
  • Ceramic atomiser
  • Handmade glass bubbler
  • Lifetime warranty on all parts


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