Marley Natural Small Black Walnut Case


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Marley Natural is a premium product line crafted with a genuine respect for nature, all products in their range are responsibly sourced. They are inspired by Jamaica and are the official Bob Marley brand.

A beautifully crafted case made from sustainably grown Black Walnut. A classic essential for protecting and housing your tobacco and/or lifestyle products. Multiple compartments are provided making it easy to store a variety of products safely and discretely.  A uniquely engineered slide top lid system that comes complete with a universal silicone inner seal to allow for convenient access and some level of odour control. Dedicated to creating unique, handcrafted accessories for an elevated experience using sustainably grown black Walnut wood.

This magnetised lid case may be small in stature but can easily and discretely hold all you need for a session that Bob Marley would be proud to partake in! Don’t forget to take it with you wherever you may go.

  • Original design
  • Black Walnut wood finish
  • 2 pieces
  • Magnetic lid
  • Ideal for stashing multiple items
  • Size: Small
  • Stylish design
  • Length: 5.00″ X 3.00″
  • Color: Black Walnut
  • Brand: Marley Natural
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