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More and more of my customers are coming in to discuss concentrates with me. The procurement (sorry can’t help you there!) as well as the best methods of extraction to create said concentrates. Dabbing is the slang word used to describe the act of vaping/smoking concentrates and is a very potent (and I mean very) way to partake in your favourite herb and should be approached with caution. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


Why extract in the place? To create a more flavoursome, less odourous, more intense and most importantly to create a highly effective medicinal product. There are a few different ways to extract from herbs, some more popular (and easier) than others. Rosin Technique, Butane (Shatter), Carbon Dioxide and Isopropyl Alcohol are 4 of the most popular methods (extracts are generally categorised depending on method used). Different techniques will also cause variation in your yield, cannabinoid profile, terpene content as well as consistency of the end product.

I may upset a few people here, but I tend towards the Rosin Technique every time. Reason being that the Rosin Technique is the only solventless method, which in my experience equates to the purest and cleanest extract you can have. Any methods that require a solvent will also require you to completely remove the solvent (and have a little scientific knowledge) from your concentrate (evaporation) before it can be safely used. Some methods can also be very dangerous in the wrong hands.


A fairly simple technique whereby the Rosin (name given to concentrates made via the Rosin Technique) is created by applying heat and pressure to the herb that you want to extract out of. This high level of heat/pressure draws out all the beneficial oils within the plant whilst turning any water within the plant into steam. No solvents of any kind are required leaving you with no toxic residue and just pure concentrate. Once scraped off of the paper you can start dabbing instantly with no other tasks left. A lot of my customers have tried perfecting this method by using a hair straightener, a great way to practice but very imprecise and fiddly to perfect.


There are quite a few Rosin Presses on the market and without denigrating the others I believe that MyPress know what they are doing and have created a superior (yet very easy to use) device. A fairly light and easy to transport unit with an indent in the base so you don’t bang your knee whilst in motion! 6 silicone feet along the base stop the Press from sliding around on any surface.

The magic is all in the 3 x 3 Stainless Steel Axiom Plates that deliver a nice and even heat with no hot or cold spots. To the side of the plates is the LCD interface with simple one button usage. The lever/handle upon the very top requires only minimal human effort to close the plates. Once closed the plates exert up to 6 tons (or 1400 PSI) of pressure (just for comparison the average weight of a car is 1.4 tons!).

The Temperature range is 37° – 121°C. The frame is insulated with air and along with the cooling vents along the base works hard to ensure you do not get burnt. An interesting feature is the count-up timer which halts counting if you open the plates and then resets when you close them allowing you to monitor the process whilst making fine tuning adjustments. This process is tracked for repetition at a future time. Lastly MyPress provides a Lifetime Warranty on the MyPress.


I wont go into too many specifics here as I very strongly recommend that you read the instructions as well as watching some videos to familiarise yourself before making any mistakes and ruining your precious herb!

The premise is simple, you parcel your herbal material into some parchment paper (silicone paper is recommended), create a loose envelope of sorts as you want the paper to capture the released oils. 1 – 1.5grams of herbal material is recommended per press.

Once you have selected the temperature (your included instructions will advise you on different temp choices but I recommend starting on the lower end till the oil starts flowing) you will have a little bit of a wait till temp is reached (6 – 12 minutes depending on temp set). Whilst you are waiting you can pre-puck your herbal material. Pre-pucking is the process of taking your herbal package that you are about to press and compacting it. This helps in increasing yields and is usually done via a pollen press.

TIP: Too dense of a puck will limit your yields so don’t pack too tightly. 1 – 1.5g per press is recommended.

You are now ready to press. When this is complete you will need to remove the puck/parcel/parchment and allow your Rosin to cool down. You will need to be a little patient (don’t place in the freezer!). Once cooled you will be able to remove the Rosin. For ease I recommend placing the parchment on a silicone mat and using a standard Rosin tool to gently lift off the rosin.


x1 MyPress Solventless Rosin Press (110v +American Plug) and a step down convertor is provided for use in Australia.


  • 6 Tons of Pressure
  • Solventless
  • Temperature Range: 37 – 121°C
  • Temperature Increments: 5.5°C
  • Digital Counter: 0 – 9999 seconds
  • Heating and Cooling indicator LED’s
  • Voltage: 110v (stepdown convertor provided)
  • Power 1A/120W
  • Plate Size: 3.7” x 3.7”
  • Axiom Plate Material: Stainless Steel
  • Frame Material: Hot-rolled Steel
  • Weight: 12.9lbs (5.85kgs)
  • Dimensions: height – 11.5”, Depth – 10.5”, Width – 8.5”
  • Lifetime Warranty


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