Smok Nord 3ml Replacement Pod


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**A replacement pod for the Smok Nord ONLY. Do not throw your pod away as per other pod systems, a simple coil change is all that is required.

I love a good pod system. Easy to use, easy to fill and easy to carry. Over the past year since opening my store I have witnessed the rise of the pod. They just seem to be everywhere now, with some very stylish designs. The look of the Nord first drew me in, futuristic and sleek. The look and feel of quality. The body of the unit is covered in a shiny cobra-like design, with beautiful rounded edges. One of my smaller pod kits too, measuring out at 94 x 30 x 18.8mm and 80g. Perfect size for your hand or for your pocket.

This is a pod but not as you know them. This is big people! Most pod systems have their coils built into each and every pod. Once exhausted the pod get disposed of in its entirety and a new pod is installed. The Nord is rare in that they are compatible with 3 different coil types. To clarify, the Nord pods need not be binned you simply replace the coil and reuse the pod! The following 2 coils are provided with your replacement pod….

Nord Mesh 0.6Ω DTL – Massive Vapour

Designed for Sub-ohm vaping

Max power: 25W

Nord Regular 1.4Ω MTL – Most like smoking

High concentration of vapour

Max power: 12W

The 3rd coil on offer (not in kit) is ceramic and is rated at 1.4 ohm.

The mouthpiece portion of the pod has been specifically designed (duck-billed) for a perfect fit. Tapered on the inside to prevent condensation entering the mouth.

To use: If your Nord is fresh out of the box or if using a fresh pod you will need to install a coil directly into the pod. With the pod upside down in your hand grab a coil and gently push it in. There is only one way for the coil to fit and the top should sit within the central tube. Push coil in to create a seal. Take your time till you get it right.

Filling the pod is as simple as flipping up the (attached) side plug and slowly injecting your e juice. This device works well with both salts and freebase (salts better) with 60/40 and 70/30 good VG/PG ratios. Insert pod into the Novo – nice clicking sound.

TIP: If using Nic Salts it is recommended that you use the MTL 1.4-ohm coil.

Pods are difficult to prime in the conventional manner, so I recommend setting aside your filled pod for 15 or so minutes before vaping on a fresh coil within the pod. Once primed each pod can be filled and vaped as per usual. Priming only need occur on a Nord pod when you do a coil change.

Contains: x1 3ml Nord Pod, x1 1.4Ω MTL Regular coil and x1 0.6Ω DTL Mesh coil.