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The legendary Pax!


Straight up there is no other vaporiser that I have had more queries about than the almighty Pax. Pax Labs Inc, a beloved industry leader since 2007 has a loyal cult following of vapers who refuse to use any other dry herb vaporiser. Cutting edge technology coupled with a sexy/sleek design is a hallmark of Pax. Just to make myself clear – this is a top tier vaporiser that will elicit envy from all you encounter! Keep your eyes on your Pax at all times as they have a tendency to “disappear”!!

The Pax 3 is a leap forward from its predecessor Pax 2. Both still share the same beautiful looks and size, but with the Pax 3 bringing a touch more sleekness with it’s polished finish! So sleek that you wont find a single visible button on the body with the power button located underneath the mouthpiece! The small size of the Pax 3 makes it a great option for out and about discreet vaping. Light and quite durable. Other enhancements include – increased battery life, faster heat up time, a newly designed concentrates lid, ease of use and portability. The vapour pathway and heating chamber are essentially Stainless Steel with Pax using only medical-grade materials. The Pax 3 comes complete with a 10-year limited warranty (see Pax website for full details) and is a full conduction unit.

The Pax 3 is a dual use vaporiser, efficiently vaping both dry herb and concentrates. The Pax 3 gives you the option of a full chamber or half chamber (dry) session by providing a half pack and full pack chamber lid. Not a rule but the full pack lid has been designed for use with multiple people at a time (20-30 draws per session) whilst the half pack lid if for 1-2 people to share (10-15 draws). Using the full pack lid for one individual (unless your tolerance is through the roof!) may lead to wastage of your herb and/or decreased enjoyment. For individual use it is recommended that you use the full pack lid when you are out for long periods of time and cannot reload easily. A full chamber can hold up to 0.3g.

A big point of difference with the Pax 3 is that there is no shut off timer, hence the x2 different sized packing lids provided. This is highly irregular and none of my other dry herb units have this feature. The device stays on for a full session with an in-built motion detector that activates a stand-by mode (starts to cool down) when not in use eventually shutting itself off (turns off after 3 minutes of inattention). This rapidly cools down the unit, preserving your herb. A session is described as..

Half pack lid used 10-15 draws lasting approximately 10-15 minutes (depending on usage style)
Full pack lid used 20-25 draws lasting approximately 20-25 minutes (depending on usage style)

Battery life of the Pax 3 has been improved and stands at 3500mAh (18650 unremovable battery) and will provide you with approximately 100 minutes of usage on a full charge. Set aside 90 minutes to fully charge from dead. 4 Solid white petals indicate a full charge whilst all 4 blinking red denotes a charge is needed. To see the charge level simply shake the device (gently) and the more petals that light up the more charge. The heating speed of the Pax 3 has also been improved from the Pax 2, and rapidly heats up in 15-20 seconds. Hepatic feedback (vibration) will alert you when ready. This feature can be turned on/up or off via the Bluetooth app.

Once on, the Pax 3 will automatically heat to the last set temperature. Temperature can be altered within the Pax 3 in 2 different ways. Either via the unit itself or through the app. Once on (1 press of fire button), 4 pre-set temperatures can be selected via the device by pressing down on the fire button (located under the mouthpiece) for 2 seconds. 4 petals can be found on the face of the unit, each lights up to denote a set temperature. The Pax 3 does not heat whilst in temperature select mode and a pre-set temperature cannot be changed.

1 Petal Pre-set 360°f/182°c
2 Petals Pre-set 380°f/193°c
3 Petals Pre-set 400°f/204°c
4 Petals Pre-set 420°f/215°c
Custom Via App only – change temperature to any number between 360°/182° – 420°/215°

Lower temperatures are generally better for flavour enhancement whilst the highest temperature should be reserved for use with concentrates.

So, this is one of those fancy vaporisers that can be controlled (and enhanced) via a Bluetooth enabled app that you download to your phone. Allowing you to set a precise temperature or access 5 dynamic modes for extra precision and reliability.

Standard mode Use activated Temperature Control
Stealth mode For ultimate discretion
Boost mode Keeps your device in high gear
Flavour mode The most delicious setting
Efficiency mode Don’t waste a drop!

The Pax is designed to heat on demand to prevent battery and material wastage between draws – for the most part what all the above profiles do is change the speed at which this happens. The motion sensor basically heats when you bring the Pax 3 to your lips and cools when you set it down.  A multitude of other options are available via the app to further customise your unit and vaping experience (including firmware upgrades). Make sure you download the app and play around. Oh, and they give you three games with the app. Enjoy!

The Pax 3 comes with x2 mouthpieces, one flat and one raised. Both swap out easily – simply use your fingernail under the groove and lift away. Another weird and interesting point is the location of the power button. It is located underneath the actual mouthpiece and powers on by a press on the power button (same to power off). The heating chamber is located at the base of the unit.

To use: Ensure your Pax 3 is charged, and you have selected a mouthpiece of your choosing. You will also need to decide whether you will be vaping dry herb or concentrates as this will determine the inserts that are used within the heating chamber.

  • Dry Herb – Are you vaping alone or with friends? This should help you determine whether you should use the full pack or half pack chamber lids. Fill the chamber accordingly (use included multi-tool) – pack well, but not too tightly. To turn on a quick press of the power button (press middle of mouthpiece). Once powered on, to change temperatures hold down the power button for 2 seconds. The LED Light will show the colour of your current setting. To cycle though all 4 settings quickly press the centre of the mouthpiece. Once desired setting is reached and is indicated by the LED Light, exit temperature mode by pressing down on the middle of the mouthpiece again (2 seconds) or shake the device. For custom temperature setting you will need to use the app. A pulsing purple light indicates that the oven is heating and once the light goes green you are ready to vape. Inhale gentle and long.
  • Concentrates – Ensure oven chamber is free from any contents. A concentrate insert is provided in this kit. This canister attaches to a lid with seals so that no leakage occurs regardless of how you hold your Pax 3. To load simply lift up on either side of the canister to expose the interior. Carefully place a small amount of your concentrate into the base avoiding the 2 airpath tubes. It is recommended you start small and build up your amounts. Replace the canister lid and insert the end piece into the Pax oven. As the Pax does not get as hot as an e nail or a dab rig you will need to be a little patient before vaping can occur. Turn on the device and wait approximately 30 seconds and you should be ready to go. Inhale long and slow. Once finished, turn off your Pax and allow to cool down before removing canister. Temperature level 4 is recommended for concentrates.

Cleaning: Cleaning (and charging) are the most important things in the world of herbal vaping. Boring, I know but very important! Your draw resistance is directly related to amount of resin build up and your enjoyment will definitely be affected! Pax provides a maintenance kit to help you with your cleaning needs. Use the wire brush for heavier cleaning and/or the pipe cleaners for lighter cleaning. Isopropyl Alcohol will soon become your best friend as there isn’t much that this wonder fluid can’t do (just don’t drink it!). Remove the mouthpiece and insert either the brush or pipe cleaners into the vapour pathway. Scrub back and forward. Dribble a small amount of Isopropyl Alcohol onto the pipe cleaners for deep scrubbing. And when no amount of cleaning will suffice it may be time to replace your screen (3 provided). A cotton bud dampened with a small amount of Iso will easily sweep out any gunk within the heating chamber. I would also use the Iso to give the mouthpieces a good cleaning. Allow the device to dry completely before use.

Caution: Unit may get hot if used for extended periods of time.

Contains: x1 Pax 3 Vaporiser (Silver Matte), x1 USB Charger, Concentrates insert, Full Pack lid, Half Pack lid, x2 mouthpieces (one flat and one raised), x3 replacement screens, x1 multi-tool and x1 maintenance kit (10 pipe cleaners and a cleaning brush)


  • Manufacturer: PAX Labs (USA)
  • Device Dimensions: 98mm x 31mm x 22mm
  • Oven Dimensions: 31mm x 21mm x 10mm
  • Materials: Stainless steel, anodized aluminium, silicone, thermoplastic
  • Silver in colour
  • Heating Element: Stainless steel
  • Heating Time: 15 seconds
  • Temperature Range: 182°C – 215°C
  • Temperature Control: Pre-set or digital with App
  • Battery: Lithium-Ion
  • Charger: USB charging dock
  • Passthrough: No
  • Automatic Shut off: Standby mode detects when PAX is idle
  • Warranty: 10 Years


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