Honeystick Plasma GQ Herbal Vaporiser


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Waxes, dabs, crumbles, rosins, thicker slabs and even small amounts of essential oils vaporiser


Frequent visitors to my store and/or site may have noticed that I sell a few products manufactured by Honey stick. Honey stick is a lifestyle brand that combines the features of high tech, high performance, dependability and affordability when it comes to upper tier vaporisers. Honey stick brand vaporisers combine cutting edge technology, world class performance and stealth concealment. Each of their products have been engineered to bring an unparalleled experience to the vaping of concentrates and essential oils.

Get ready for a very special vape experience. The Plasma GQ has been designed with one goal in mind – pure unadulterated flavour. Flavour than can rival some the bigger desktop units and rigs out there. You will find that this device has more in common with some of the best performing e nails that other vape pens. A lot of vaporisers that are used for concentrates rely on a coil that you dab directly onto. Many find this to be quite harsh, fiddly and without much flavour. Not so with this baby!

The Plasma GQ may look like an ordinary vape pen but is far from it. Aesthetically it is slimline, very light and has what may appear to be a standard tank on top. Don’t be fooled, it may look like a tank but functions in a completely different way. First thing you may notice is that there is no visible coil/heating element. Instead you will find a Quartz bowl (not ceramic!) that plugs directly into the battery. Air inlets can be found right above the bowl.

The proprietary heater will deliver instantaneous heat and will last for quite some time until a replacement is required – easy to remove as is a simple socket style insertion. The heating element is encapsulated and cannot be seen. This is important to note as this design ensures that your concentrate does not come into contact with any heating element/coils, as in other vape pens. In a nutshell the Quartz glass is super heated by the heating element to create your vapour.

TIP: Quartz is neutral so wont impact on any nuanced flavour elements in your concentrate.

This game changing device gives you the option of 2 pre-set temperatures.

650°F – Approx. 343°C Green light
850°F – Approx. 454°C White light

Honey Stick has included a special programming feature called the “knock down method”, whereby the heating element gets very hot for a second or two before cooling (visible glow). This initial blast converts wax into vapour super-fast then cools to allow for safe vaping. This is a feature designed to keep you and your vape safe.

TIP: Don’t vape during the initial heat blast and if you are a beginner start at the lower temperature.

Charge your Plasma GQ easily and quickly with the included USB Cable. The internal (not removeable) battery has a 1200mAh capacity, which should make even the most fiendish dabber happy!

To use: An incredibly easy unit to use for beginners all the way through to you connoisseurs out there.

Caution: Ensure that the unit is off before loading and be extremely careful with the glass and/or quartz bowl as they remain hot post usage.

  • Gently pull up the glass to expose the Quartz bowl.
  • Using the included dab tool load a small amount of concentrate directly into the bowl. Don’t overfill (grain of rice size should suffice).
  • Replace glass gently ensuring you have a good fit.
  • X5 clicks to turn on (and off) your Plasma GQ.
  • Once on x3 clicks will allow you to toggle through the 2 temperature settings. See above table for light detail.
  • Hold down power button to begin vaping (wait 1-2 seconds for initial heat blast).

TIP: Inbuilt safety mechanism will only allow you to hold down the power button for a limited period of time. 15 seconds at lower temp and 10 seconds at higher.

To clean: An easy unit to clean. I recommend regularly giving the outer glass tube and mouthpiece (unscrew from top) a wipe down with some Isopropyl Alcohol, allow to dry before reinstalling. The main body of the unit/power button should also get a wipe down to remove any sticky residue.

The Quartz bowl can be cleaned using the included Isopropyl Alcohol impregnated cotton buds. Snap the blue end of the bud to soak the cotton. Sweep the cotton bud around the inside of the bowl (works well if bowl is slightly warm). x2 are included in the kit and if needed HemperTech Snap Cap Alcohol Swabs are available in store/online.

TIP: When removing the encapsulated heating element gently pull up to release. Please don’t squeeze the glass but instead grab the metal prongs that sit along the base of the element.

Contains – x1 Plasma GQ Device, x1 extra glass tube, x1 dab tool, x1 USB Cable, x1 Instruction booklet and x2 Isopropyl infused cotton swabs


  • X2 Heat settings
  • 1200mAh Battery
  • Replaceable coil
  • Instant heat up time
  • Quartz bowl
  • Proprietary heater
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