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Pure Luxury. An effortlessly elegant, hard working Premium Electric Grinder


I have watched grinders grow in popularity over the past few years ranging from aerospace grade manual-use grinders all the way to premium electric grinders. A good grinder can change your life. Maybe not in any earth-shattering way but will lift your rolling/vaping game to the next level or maybe you just need an easier option due to a medical condition. To optimally vape dry herbal blends it is highly recommended that you grind the material first. This ensures consistency resulting in efficient even heating, less wastage and a flavourful session.

Quant Vapor appear to be secret science nerds, deriving their name from Quantum Physics. This makes me love them even more! True champions of uniqueness, both in looks as well as function. Quant Vapor is all about bringing the design with a goal of creating lust-worthy herbal vaping products. The top end of design with affordability and outstanding performance. Pull your Quant Grinder out in public and you will get noticed, even from across the room. You have been warned!!

I absolutely love the look and feel of the Quant Electric Grinder. Solid and effortlessly classy. By far the most beautiful grinder that I have encountered. Pen style (pretty thick pen!), made entirely from stainless steel and so very easy to use. One button is all you will need to master. A high-quality device built to last, perform and impress.

The inbuilt/unremoveable battery has a capacity of 1100mAh. Quant has included a USB cable for easy charging and this revolutionary grinder will take around 2 – 2.5 hours for a full charge. Towards the base of the grinder you will find 4 LED lights that show current charge levels. All 4 illuminated indicates a full charge. With a full grind taking approximately 10 seconds I am thinking that you will not need to charge continuously (bonus!).

A very unique feature of this innovative grinder is the nozzle/funnel that sits atop the grinder. This nozzle allows you to easily dispense your herb once ground directly into your vape/rolling papers/pipe/bowl. The joy doesn’t end there – due to the quite ample storage capacity you can use your Quant Premium Electric Grinder to house your ground up herb till your next use.

The Quant Grinder can be taken apart into 3 components.

  • The main body of the unit consists of the battery, motor and blade. All 3 are connected and don’t come apart.
  • Grinding chamber that can be unthreaded for removal/cleaning.
  • Magnetic cap that sits atop the nozzle.

The grinding blade looks pretty lethal and will easily break through even the stickiest and densest herb. A very hard-working blade, shredding your herb (up to 2 grams at a time) at an outstanding 24,000 RPM. Ponder that for a moment – in a 60 second window the blade will rotate a total of 24,000 times. Sounds intense! Saying that, 10 seconds is all you need to effectively grind your herb and all this with just the touch of one button.

TIP: I love safety and Quant doesn’t disappoint. The crazy fast grinding blade will only function when the unit is completely intact and all parts in place. This is a good thing as you won’t be able to accidentally grind your fingers to pieces!

To use: As this is an electric grinder your first step is to charge via the included USB cable (2 – 2.5 hours).

  • To begin the grind process, unscrew the herbal chamber off the main body.
  • Turn the chamber upside down and add your herbal material (up to 2 g).

TIP: Please leave the magnetic top cap on as it will keep the herb within the chamber whilst you pack.

  • Whilst chamber is still upside down reattach to the main body.
  • Turn your Quant Grinder back to the correct way up (magnetic cap at top).
  • X3 quick clicks to turn on (and off) and then hold power button for 8 – 10 seconds.
  • Turn the grinder off and then remove the magnetic cap to easily dispense via nozzle.

Caution: For your safety is recommended that you almost never touch the grinding blade to prevent accidental injury (cleaning is the exception). I would also recommend that the Quant Grinder is kept away from children who may also be curious about the blade. This blade does not have sharp edges like a knife but does have pointy edges that can cause damage.

To clean: Very important to ensure that the grinder is powered off before attempting any cleaning/maintenance (x3 clicks). As long as you don’t wait too long between cleans then this is a fairly easy device to keep clean and in working order.

  • Remove the herbal chamber from main body.
  • Use a damp cloth (microfibre works well) to clean inside the chamber/nozzle.
  • Ever so gently use the same damp cloth to wipe down the blade. Be very careful with your fingers.
  • Use a dry cloth to remove debris and dry the chamber/blade.
  • Reassemble and wipe down the outer surface.

Contains: x1 Quant Electric Grinder, x1 USB cable and x1 User Manual


  • Size & Weight: 27(D) x 160(L) mm
  • Grinder 198g
  • Stainless Steel construction
  • 2-gram herbal grinding capacity
  • 1100mAh battery capacity


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