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In the past year since I started this business, I have witnessed quite the evolution in the world of herbal vaping. I blink and there seems to be a new device/brand, each more advanced and beautiful as the next. Without an unlimited pool of money, I have had to become quite discerning with which new products I choose to bring. Saying that, bringing in Quant Vapor was a no-brainer.

Quant Vapor appear to be secret science nerds, deriving their name from Quantum Physics. This makes me love them even more! True champions of uniqueness, both in looks as well as function. Quant Vapor is all about bringing the design with a goal of creating lust-worthy herbal vaping products. The top end of design with affordability and outstanding performance. Pull your Quant vaporiser out in public and you will get noticed, even from across the room. You have been warned!!

I was impressed before I even unboxed my Quant. It arrives beautifully packaged. Just pure class. A light, smaller sized vaporiser that will easily and comfortably fit into the palm of your hand, possibly even a pocket (maybe not tight jeans though!). This is a 3-in-1 herbal vaporiser, allowing you to vape your herb in 3 forms; dry, concentrate or oil. A Quartz cup is provided for concentrates and oil (more on this coming up).

The Quant comes complete with a 1600mAh inbuilt/non-removeable rechargeable battery. A USB is provided for easy and quick charging – 1½ – 2 hours for a full charge. A full battery should give you up to an hour of continuous use.  For safety the Quant will turn itself off after 4 minutes of being turned on.

TIP: Unfortunately, this is not one of those rare units that allows you to vape whilst charging (no pass through).

The top of the Quant is where you will find the easy to read LED screen offering you the ability to precisely set your desired temperature within the pre-set range (320°F – 430°F      or 160°C – 220°C). The screen will also let you see your remaining battery life as well as current/set temperatures. 3 buttons are located along the side of the unit – power button and x2 temperature control buttons (+/-). Simple enough to use straight out of the box for even the most absolute of beginners.

TIP: To change between Fahrenheit and Celsius press and hold the power and “-” button simultaneously.

The heating chamber is made from Premium Stainless Steel and can hold approximately 0.2 grams of your favourite herbal blend. A fairly decent sized chamber, wide enough for easy cleaning (very important!). The vapour makes its way up and out of the chamber passing through the silicone mouthpiece screen then via a glass pathway directly up to your lips. Pretty fun to watch the vapour build up within the glass!

TIP: I found the mouthpiece (removeable/magnetic) to be fairly wide, definitely wider than any I currently own! Expect some pretty good airflow and vapour production.

The Quant uses convection as a heating method. Convection is described as heating via a stream of hot air whereby your herb has no direct contact with a hot surface. A great option for flavoursome and good quality vapour. Convection heating works well for drawn out sessions and requires long, deep breaths. This unit heats quite fast (30 seconds) and you can watch the progress via the LED screen.  Once the set temperature is reached a timer will appear on screen counting down till your unit turns off.

TIP: With convection heating devices I recommend that you don’t pack the chamber too tightly to allow the heated air to circulate.

Safety should be my middle name as I wont stock a vape that does not take your safety seriously. The Quant will display the word “Protect” when a fault is detected and will not function.

To use: As always for Dry Herb units I recommended that you sterilise your unit to remove any leftover manufacturing debris with the device. Power on with 5 press of power button. Use the up-arrow button to select the highest temperature (220°C), the Quant will automatically begin to heat up. Let the unit sit and run through a full cycle. Once it turns off repeat the process 3 more times. Now clean and ready to load!

x5 clicks turn on your vape and same to turn off. Recommended you load your chamber prior to turning on and heating.

Dry herb usage: Remove the mouthpiece to reveal the herb chamber. Take your ground up herbal material and load into the chamber. Replace the mouthpiece and power on. The Quant will default to your last pre-set temperature and will start automatically heating. Use the +/- buttons to modify your temperature.

TIP: For best results when vaping (dry) herbal material, it is recommended that you use a grinder for a consistent and even burn. Less wastage!

How do I know which temperature to use? No easy way to answer this question as a lot is subjective and in accordance to your personal needs and herb being used. As a general rule, lower temperatures are all about flavour with minimal, thin vapour production. Whilst higher temperatures increase the thickness and size of cloud production with slightly less emphasis on flavour. Experiment to see where your preferences lie (180 – 220°C is generally the “sweet spot” for herb. Concentrates are a different story and require high temperatures to effectively vape.

TIP: 2 ways to know that your vape is ready. Either via the LED screen or the internal glass light will turn from red to green.

Once ready simply hold down the power button and inhale long and slow. You may not experience much vapour upon your first inhale as your breath is used to help move the vapour out of the chamber and up to your mouth.

Concentrate/Oil usage: This is where the Quartz cup makes its debut! Be careful with the cup as it is small and can be fiddly to get the hang of. Pull off the mouthpiece portion to reveal heating chamber. Remove the silicone cap from the top of the Quartz cup (don’t lose it!) and gently load your concentrate/oil directly into the cup (approx. ¼ full). Replace the silicone cap.

TIP: To avoid leakage please don’t overfill! For concentrates the size of a grain of rice is recommended. With oil try to not fill more than halfway. Always keep the device in an upright position when using concentrates/oil (because gravity!).

Gently place the Quartz cup directly into the heating chamber and replace the mouthpiece. From this point forward use just as you would for dry herb vaping but with one difference, a higher temperature is recommended (highest works best!) for your concentrates than for dry herb. Wait for 140 seconds on timer and start vaping!

TIP: If you are having trouble inserting/removing your Quartz cup use the included tweezers for better control. It is recommended that you remove the Quartz cup immediately after use to avoid it getting stuck within the device

To clean: The included nylon brush should be used to sweep out the chamber. I recommend doing this regularly (directly post session if possible) as the content will harden over time making cleaning a real punish! A deeper clean will be required regularly as well, timeframe being dependant on usage, but I recommend between once a week to once a month. Draw resistance and taste will generally let you know that a deep clean is required. Isopropyl Alcohol is a vaper’s (particularly herbal) best friend and will easily help dissolve built up resin.

An earbud lightly doused with Isopropyl (Hemper Tech comes up with the goods – Snap cap alcohol swabs) can be swept around the inside of the chamber to remove resin. Be careful not to use too much Isopropyl though. Allow time for the alcohol to dissolve before use.

Remove the silicone encircled screen from the bottom of the mouthpiece. Once again Isopropyl Alcohol can be used (sparingly) to clean the screen as well as the glass interior. Finally wipe down the outer portion of the mouthpiece. Allow all to dry/dissolve before reassembling.

To Clean the Quartz cup you can either bathe it in warm soapy water or use Isopropyl as above.

Contains: x1 Quant vaporiser, x1 Quartz cup + lid, x1 extra mouthpiece silicone, x1 packing tool, x1 cleaning brush, x1 tweezers, x1 USB Cable and User’s manual.


  • Primary Use Dry Herb Vaporizer
  • Secondary: Quartz chamber for concentrates
  • Battery Capacity: 1,600mAh
  • Battery Charge: Micro USB (< 2hrs)
  • Temperature Range: 320°F – 430°F (160C – 221C)
  • OLED Display: Battery status, current temp & desired temp
  • Auto Power OFF: 4 Minutes
  • Size: 50mm / 27.3mm / 81mm
  • Charging Voltage: 5V / 1A
  • One-year warranty

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Matte White, Nero Marquina Marble


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