Aspire Revvo Replacement Coils (ARC) 3 pack

ARC replacement coils for the Revvo Tank


The Aspire Revvo sub-ohm tank is an innovative, revolutionary leak-proof tank with a whole new concept in terms of coil design and filling.  A different setup to all my other tanks, I usually play around with all new tanks to see if I can figure out all their workings but even I had to watch a video on how to change the coil!

TIP: If treated right, these coils are said to have a longer life than conventional coils.

The Revvo tank uses a revolutionary new coil design called ARC – Aspire Radial Coil. Doesn’t even look like a coil, looks more like the old kitchen stove tops my mother used to use. Horizontal and disc shaped in nature, effectively increasing the surface area for that awesome flavour/vapour production that they are known for.

These coils comprise of spiral Kanthal wire with organic cotton on the underside. The resistance is 0.1 – 0.16 ohm (recommended wattage below).

0.1 – 0.16 Ω 50-100W (Best 80-85W)

To use: Priming your new coil is the first task for any new coil/tank and this is no exception. Priming helps to protect your coil and yourself from dry hits or a burnt horrible taste.

To access the coil, forget all that you know about conventional coils, the ARC is in another league. Instead of the usual coil access from the base of a tank you will need to reverse it and go through the top.

  • Unscrew mouthpiece/top cap portion of your tank
  • Unscrew the conical fill cone (don’t lose it)
  • Carefully pry up the horizontal disc coil (may need to use your fingernail)

At first, I will admit I was stumped as to how to effectively prime these coils for that promised long life. I guess you could just fill the tank and wait around for a little longer than usual for full saturation or you could try something a little trickier. With these coils I would prime before insertion. Hold the coil upside down in your hand, exposing the white cotton side. Very carefully (it may get messy) drip a few drops onto the cotton. You should be able to see the cotton wicking up the liquid.

  • Drop fresh coil over the filling tube ensuring it is flush with all sides of the tank
  • Rescrew the conical fill cone
  • Rescrew the mouthpiece/top cap
  • If empty fill your tank (very unique – spring loaded filling tube accessed via drip tip)
  • Wait patiently (5-10 minutes) just to ensure complete saturation
  • Vape time (ensure your wattage is within recommended range)!

TIP: You can still change your coil without having to empty out the e liquid from the tank.

Now comes the waiting, 5-10 minutes should suffice to ensure complete saturation of your coil (some reviewers have even recommended turning the tank upside at this point for a short while). Now time for the primer puffs – without touching the firing button take a few sharp short pulls from the tank.

Contains: x3 0.1 – 0.16 ohm ARC Coils

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