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I have been using the V4 Plush quite intensively since procuring one last year and can honestly say that I have enjoyed it immensely. An exceptionally easy unit to use and most importantly to clean and maintain. The V4 Plush has consistently been a best seller in store and online.

With a patented design for a smooth enjoyable and discrete experience this dry herb vaporiser packs a punch. Engineered from the inside out using the highest performance materials and Dynamic conduction technology to bring about even controlled heat. The temperature in this unit is adjusted over 100 times per second due to constant monitoring – this guarantees your herbs will never be too hot or too cold (very Goldilocks!) This device is extremely easy to use (only one button), is very light, coated in rubber and is ergonomically designed to fit your hand perfectly.

The V4 Plush is also designed with the most updated Dynamic Conduction Technology. This technology is what ensures the even distribution of heat to the flower, which produces an actual vapour instead of combustion. Vapour contains very little to no plant material, while with combustion, you are still inhaling plant material. This unit heats via conduction. Conduction consists of heating the dried herbs through a direct contact with a hot surface, in the case of vaporizers, these are usually the walls of the heating chamber. Conduction vaporisers are almost always session type devices, whereby it is recommended that the whole content of the chamber be used in one session. I tend to break this rule and spread my usage out over a (short) period of time.

TIP: In order for the heat to be efficiently and evenly distributed inside a chamber of a conduction vaporizer, it must be fully filled with plant material. Vaporisation will be the most effective if the herb is finely ground – this will guarantee the largest contact area with the hot walls of the chamber, which will translate into more effective use.

LED Lights on the side of the device allow you to choose one of the 5 pre-set temperature setting (temperature range from low to high – 180°C, 190°C, 200°C, 210°C, 220°C). The LED light on the front shows you the current charge level (Green – full charge, Purple – getting low, Red – time to recharge). Temperature can be adjusted pre, post or during your session.

TIP: Which temperature you choose is dependent on your personal preferences as well as herb being vaporised. I tend to change temperatures during my session, starting on the lowest so I can experience the flavour of my herb then cranking up the temperature towards the end of my session for full extraction. There is no right or wrong, experiment till you find your sweet spot!

The Plush contains a very strong rechargeable Lithium ion battery. One of the biggest complaints I hear in regards to herbal vaping is battery life, a problem I share too. Unfortunately, even my most prestigious herbal vaporisers struggle to vape for longer than an hour of continuous use before needing a recharge. Should not be an issue if you space your usage out during the day/night. For added protection the unit will turn off after 5 minutes of use. This feature ensures that the battery and product are not getting wasted but most importantly ensures that the device is not left on by accident. You may turn your Plush on as often as you like after it shuts down.

TIP: It also only takes the battery about 90 min to get a full charge, and only takes 30 seconds to heat up.

The heating chamber is quite large (can hold up to 0.65g of dry material) and is ceramic. 100% Borosilicate glass pathway from heating chamber directly up the mouthpiece for smooth flavour and a steel removable filter for easy cleaning. A second glass mouthpiece is included (use one while cleaning the other). The plastic mouthpiece located at the very end of the vaporiser is also specially designed to prevent hot lips!

Once again I recommended that you sterilise all convection heating vaporisers to remove manufacturing oils and residue. Simply power on (5 presses on side button) and set the V4 Plush aside to run through a complete heat cycle. Once it turns off (lights all go out) repeat this process 2-3 more times. Now you are clean and ready for your first use!

To use: Incredibly simple. Gently pull up the magnetised top to expose the heating chamber. Pack your dry herb. Don’t pack it too tightly nor all the way to the top of the chamber as a small amount of room is needed for when you place the lid back on. Making sure it is not to densely packed also makes it much easier to empty out between uses. 5 presses of the side button to power on.

TIP: Your Plush will default to the last temperature preset once on. To change the temperature simply hold down the silver on/off button and release when your desired temperature is reached.

As it heats up the LED lights on the side will change one by one to green (how many lights is dependent on setting made). Once all lights are green the device is ready for vaping. Now inhale. Long and slow inhalations are the key to flavoursome clouds. Please don’t expect massive clouds as seen in e cigarettes, part of the discretion of a herbal vaporiser is the fact that they produce minimal vapour that does not linger.

To clean: An incredibly easy unit to clean. Isopropyl Alcohol should be in every herbal vapers arsenal as it effortlessly works to dissolve built up resin and oils. There are 3 main areas in the V4 Plush that you should focus on.

  • Heating Chamber
  • Glass Pathway
  • Mouthpiece

The heating chamber can be cleaned by using a cotton ear bud lightly doused in Isopropyl Alcohol (Hempertech Snap Cap Alcohol Swabs are brilliant). Sweep it around the entire chamber focusing on any corners or edges. Once clean set aside to allow the Alcohol to evaporate. The glass pathway and mouthpiece require a shallow bath of Isopropyl Alcohol to rest in for a short while. Gently pull out the glass from the base of the mouthpiece. My one word of caution (from personal experience!) is to make sure when removing the mouthpiece from the unit you pull directly upwards and not to the side. This ensures that the glass pathway that protrudes from the base of the mouthpiece does not get chipped.

TIP: If you are finding it difficult to remove the glass simply reattach the mouthpiece to the device and power on for a cycle. This will loosen the glass from the plastic allowing you to remove it  easily.

Remove glass and mouthpiece from their bath and rinse. Allow to dry completely before reassembling. For any stubborn build up, a pipe cleaner (Hempertech Pipe Cleaners are fantastic!) lightly doused in Isopropyl Alcohol can be inserted into either the glass or mouthpiece for a thorough scrub. The small steel filter within the glass can be removed using the included tweezres if further cleaning is required. Please take care to reinsert correctly as this filter acts as a screen so you dont inhale plant material.

Contains – V4 Plush vaporiser, 2 glass mouthpieces, packing tool, cleaning brush, tweezers, USB charger, AC Adapter, user guide.

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