Vaporesso GEN 220W TC Kit with 8ml SKRR-S Sub ohm Tank




It’s pretty obvious that I love Vaporesso. A highly innovative brand that keeps impressing me with each new vape they produce. Incredible good-looking machines paired with the latest in vaping technology. Research and development are kind of what Vaporesso does best with 5 research institutes and over 300 high-tech researchers located all over the world. My kind of dedication!

I was so excited when the GEN arrived in store. I knew I wanted them from the first time I saw them and waited as patiently as I could! Upon opening the box my joy increased as my expectations were exceeded. The GEN is very sleek and has a minimalist feel, it looks like a high-quality device. The body of the GEN Mod is made using 4 layers of coating giving it a very smooth feel. The final coating is protective making it scratch and flame resistant. Looks aren’t everything though, with a maximum power output of 220W the GEN is also quite a powerful vape. The included SKRR-S Tank is just as impressive with a capacity of 8mls!

The Vaporesso GEN is jam-packed full of features, some old and some new. Powered by the all new AXON Chip, a more simplified advanced version of their famous OMNI Chip. A highly intelligent chip that turns this vaporiser into a flavour and vapour powerhouse. A very exciting new feature is Pulse Mode, whereby the GEN will fire up to 500 times with just one puff. A multitude of modes are also available including; Power Eco, Smart TC and DIY Mode.

Pulse Mode – Default This mode will continue to boost flavour with large clouds. The device will fire in very short powerful bursts to provide an extra kick.
Power Eco Mode This mode is handy if you want a longer battery life. The GEN will automatically offer this option when your battery level is below 40%.
Smart TC (Temperature Control) Mode Automatically recognises the material of your coil (SS, Ni, Ti etc;). Simplifies the process helping to keep you safe.
DIY Mode Within this mode you are able to choose a variety of functions such as; variable wattage, variable voltage, bypass mode, CCW and Super player mode.
System Setting Mode This mode will allow you to customise specific functions of your vape such as; puff counter, brightness, flip screen, default and version.

X2 18650 batteries (not included) are required to power the GEN. An included USB Cable will enable you to charge your batteries directly via the vaporiser.  Both batteries are easy to install via the magnetised panel on the back of the vaporiser (side with the letter V). Insert a fingernail into the bottom corner to access.  Eco Mode is brilliant and will allow you to run your mod for longer, even if your batteries are almost dead.

TIP: You can recharge your batteries safely within the GEN, but I highly recommend using an external battery charger. This will maintain the integrity of your batteries and will enable you to have extra batteries ready and charged for whenever you need them.

Being a mod, you will find a screen enabling you to modify your settings. The 0.91” OLED screen is located on the side of the mod along with the fire/up/mode/down buttons as well as the charging port. Not the largest screen that Vaporesso produces (Hello Vaporesso Luxe!) but still large enough to be easily read from any angle as well as in direct sunlight.

Safety features determine whether or not I will stock a vaporiser and Vaporesso never lets me down on this front. The following protections are provided; No load recognition, ESD protection, short-circuit protection, low resistance protection, low power protection, Overtime protection, Overcharge protection and Burn protection.

The SKRR-S Tank holds an impressive amount of juice (8ml) and is compatible with the all new QF Series of coils. The tank has a pretty impressive dual airflow design basically offering you the choice of an extremely restrictive or wide-open airflow. The SKRR-S Tank has been designed to be minimise leaks by combining the use of airflow and an internal reservoir.

QF Mesh 0.2Ω coil (pre-installed)

The meshed design creates intimate contact with the organic cotton wick for rapid and   even heating.

50-80W (Best 65-75W)
QF Strip 0.15Ω coil

Strip design provides rapid, even heating. QF Strips are the longest lasting.

50-80W (Best 65-75W)

The QF Series of coils are bullet shaped (inner structure) to control airflow and thereby preventing any liquid from travelling up into your mouth. No spit back! Each coil has quad-airflow designed to eliminate any turbulence or whistling sounds. These coils also contain a mixture of cotton and flax fibre for effective and consistently flavourful vaping. Due to their innovative new design you can also expect a long-life span with these coils!

TIP: You can also use all coils within the Vaporesso GT Core Range with the SKRR-S Tank!

To use: Install and charge (if needed) x2 18650 batteries. Priming your coil is your first task and I recommend priming before you turn on your vape to prevent accidentally firing on a dry coil in turn prematurely damaging your coil. Remove the tank from the mod and unscrew the base to reveal the installed coil. Dribble a few drops of your e-liquid directly onto the exposed cotton along the outside perimeter of the coil as well as a little into the centre. Reassemble your tank and fill. To fill you will need to completely remove the drip tip portion. Add your e liquid via a dropper into the slot (be careful to not drip any into the centre airflow tube). Replace the top cap and allow the unit to sit for a few minutes (10-15). Now time for the primer puffs – without touching the firing button take a few sharp short pulls from the tank. You may see air bubbles rising to the top of the tank. You are now ready to vape!

As with all vapes your GEN will turn on with x5 clicks of the fire button (same to turn off). Your vape will default to variable wattage (unless you have chosen a different setting) and will be set to Pulse mode. It is very important that you select an appropriate wattage corresponding to the coil being used. The range for each coil is imprinted on the side of each coil if unsure. Both QF Series coils fall within the same wattage range. Use the up/down buttons to modify your wattage.

TIP: Once your device is on x3 presses of the fire button will lock/unlock your vape.

To Clean: Every once in a while, I recommend disassembling your tank, so you are able to give the various components (not coils though) a good clean. Isopropyl Alcohol, cotton buds (Higher Standards Pipe Stix work well as the cotton does not unravel) and water should get your glass and top cap and drip tip back to almost new. Leave to air dry for around 10 minutes as electricity and water don’t mix well together! As for the gorgeous mod, simply wipe with a damp cloth.

Contains: x1 GEN Mod, x1 SKRR-S Tank, x1 QF Meshed 0.2Ω coil (pre-installed), x1 QF Strip 0.15 Ω, x1 Extra glass tube (5ml), x1 USB Cable, x2 O-rings, x1 user guide and x1 warranty card.


  • 5 x 53 x 27mm
  • Net weight: 107g
  • Output wattage: 5-220W
  • Resistance range: 0.03 – 5ohms
  • Battery x2 18650 (not included)
  • Charging Current: 2.5A
  • Display: 0.91” OLED screen
  • AXON Chip
  • 510 threaded
  • 8ml SKRR-S Sub-Om Tank
  • 810 drip tip
  • Tank dimensions: 27 x 56mm
  • Coils: QF Mesh /QF Strip

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