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**A mouth to lung vaporiser**

Not even going to bother giving a rundown on Vaporesso, an industry leader than never fails to impress me. Beautiful, safe and incredibly innovative devices. Vaporesso strives to create vaporisers that suit all levels of vaping. With over 13 years of vaping experience, 100 in-house researchers and 10 factories it is not hard to see why Vaporesso is so beloved and trusted by vapers worldwide.

I love a good pod system. Easy to use, easy to fill and easy to carry. Over the past year since opening my store I have witnessed the rise of the pod. They just seem to be everywhere now, with some very stylish designs. There was a lot of hype surrounding the release of the Zero and it has since quickly been embraced by beginners and vaping connoisseurs worldwide. Obviously, a pod system will never be as powerful as a box mod but Vaporesso has managed to create a pod system that has some oomph with quite a satisfying display of power.

The Renovo Zero is a very petite and sleek unit that is small enough to completely fit within the palm of your hand, measuring at 31mm x 13.5m x 80.2mm. Vaporesso decided not to use a typical plastic frame for the Zero opting instead to craft the device from premium Zinc Alloy. Resulting in a durable vaporiser that looks the business.


The OMNI Chip is Vaporesso’s most advanced chip set offering a multitude of features and a stellar reputation. The Zero incorporates the all new OMNI Mini chip which takes the most advanced features from the original and then tweaks them for added safety and to simplify the act of vaping. The following features come standard;

  • Pass through – enables you to charge and vape simultaneously!
  • Quick charge – fully charged in an amazing 45 minutes.
  • 3 power modes – choose the perfect heat and vapour levels for your style of vaping.
  • Multiple safety protection – bringing you peace of mind.

A further feature that will enhance your vaping experience is the new simplified temperature control function, which basically helps to prevent dry hits when the pod is low on e liquid. The OMNI Mini chip will set the appropriate power setting in order to increase the life span of your pods and to conserve battery power. You are able to manually disable this function if you so desire.

TIP: If you vape for more than 8 seconds continuously then the light will flash 3 times and your vape will stop working temporarily. An important safety feature.


At the front of the device you will find the on/off button. This same button will also enable you to switch between the 3 pre-set power modes (wattages) on offer. A coloured LED Light will let you know which setting has been selected. This is not a fire button though. The Zero works via draw activation whereby you inhale and the device produces vapor.

Red light – Lowest 9W
Blue light – Middle 10.5W
Green light – Highest 12.5W


The internal (unremovable) rechargeable battery has a capacity of 650mAh, a fairly impressive amount that should see you through an entire day of vaping before a recharge is required. If you are a heavy-duty vaper and/or using the highest setting you may need a quick recharge for all day use. Either way not much downtime with this pod system, the Zero offer lightning fast charging (45 minutes!) whilst also allowing pass through charging. For those unaware, pass through charging enables you to vape whilst your vape is charging. A very handy feature indeed!

TIP: Micro USB Port can be located at the base of the unit with a charging current of 1A/5V.


The 2ml pod is constructed using food grade PCTG plastic and is BPA Free. The pod meets FDA regulations and is certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 51 for food equipment. Basically, you need not worry about the flavour/quality of your e liquid being affected by any chemicals that may leech out of the pod into your juice. The pod sits within the body of the Zero and is held in place via magnets. Strong enough to keep your pod in place whilst still allowing easy removal/install. Within the pod is Vaporesso’s signature CCELL coil technology. A ceramic coil (1.0ohm) that delivers clean and pure flavour and has a surprisingly long-life span.

CCELL Ceramic 1.0Ω 9-12.5W


A major point of difference with these pods is the innovative way that you fill them – Push to Fill System (PtF), a system designed to eradicate leakage. A filling port can be found at the base of the pod. Filling is a simple as inserting a nozzle (needle nosed) into the slot. By inserting the nozzle, you are pushing the seal down (opening it) allowing you to gentle squeeze liquid into the pod. Removing the nozzle will automatically close the seal. A 10ml needle nosed plastic bottle is provided within this kit for easy filling.

TIP: Important to not overfill your pod. Once filled I also recommend wiping down the exterior of the pod before reinsertion for vaping.


Use the included USB Cable to charge your Zero, 45 minutes approximately.

Filling the pod is as simple as turning your pod upside down and inserting a nozzle into the filling slot. I highly recommend using the included 10ml bottle as it has been designed to perfectly fit the slot. Once filled (not overly though!) you can reinsert your pod. Pods are difficult to prime in the conventional manner, so I recommend setting aside your filled pod for 15 or so minutes before vaping on a fresh pod. Once primed each pod can be filled and vaped as per usual till disposed of.

TIP: The Vaporesso CCELL Coils within this unit are fantastic for either nicotine salts or standard e liquids.

X5 click will turn your Zero on and same to turn off. No need to press any buttons though to vape, simply inhale. You can now choose to manually adjust your preferred power setting by 3 clicks of the on/off button till the desired colour is reached. Or simply allow the device to do the selecting for you. Inhale and bask in the flavour.


After vaping for some time I advise that you check the contact point between the pod and mod. Any water vapour/e juice will need to be cleaned/wiped to ensure functionality. I would also recommend that you regularly wipe down the body and mouthpiece of your Zero with an alcohol wipe.


1x Vaporesso Renova Zero 650mAh mod, x1 2ml PCTG Pod, x1 10ml e juice refilling bottle, x1 User manual, x1 Warranty and x1 USB Cable


  • Size: 31mm x 13.5m x 80.2mm
  • Battery Capacity: 650mAh
  • Capacity: 2ml
  • Power Range: 9W-12.5W
  • Powerful Built-in Battery
  • Single Button Operation – power settings
  • CCELL Coil within – 1.0ohm
  • Draw activation
  • Push to Fill system (PtF)
  • Charging current 1A/5V

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