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A uniquely designed, easy to use pod starter kit


**Mouth to lung vaporiser

Full disclosure, I am a latecomer to the world of Voopoo but that is more a reflection of me that anything to do with Voopoo. A Tech brand, well known for their technological developments before ever entering into the world of vaporisers. 2017 saw Voopoo officially entering the vape industry after they acquired Woody Vapes.

You can imagine what happened next. Voopoo paired their relentless pursuit of technological advancement (Gene chip, anyone?) along with the desire to create exquisite designs and craftsmanship. Their reputation grew worldwide, and it has become a beloved brand amongst vapers of all levels of expertise.

So, it appears that the Panda is another mouth to lung Pod system, but with a twist – pods that support both mouth to lung and direct to lung vaping, both included. I have really noticed an influx of customers choosing to vape via the humble pod. Once mocked or seen as the domain of the beginner, pod kits have really advanced in the past year. I have quite a few vape enthusiasts who happily buy a pod kit as their second (third/forth..) vape to use in the car or any areas where discretion is required.

TIP: Once purely the domain of mouth to lung (MTL) vaping, many new pod kits today also offer the option of sub-ohm vaping. The Panda come complete with x2 pods per kit, one with a resistance of 1.2ohms and the other 0.8ohms. Saying that, the Panda has been built as a MTL device due to the relative restriction of airflow from both coils.

I guess we don’t have to discuss the name, quite obviously this cute vaporiser is meant to look like a panda. I can see it – with a rounded body and the fire button/drip tip acting as ears. A tiny little unit that will easily fit in your hand/pocket/bag. Very tactile and nice to hold with a soft rubberised finish. Don’t let small and cute fool you though, the Panda is solid with a high-quality build. No rattle and a nice click to the fire button.

Minimalistic in design and function. Simple one button control. The majority of pod systems work by draw activation, whereby you inhale, and the battery gets activated. The Panda allows you more control. The middle band of the Panda has an LED light that will provide information about the following..

Blue Light Once powered on/off, will flash x5 times

Solid when vaping at 12W – 0.8Ω pod

Purple Solid when vaping at 8W – 1.2Ω pod
Red Solid during charging
Green Solid once fully charged

The mouthpiece portion of the pod (drip tip) is quite solid and tapers down towards the end. It is removable for cleaning if need be. It has also been insulated to prevent any heat transferring from the coil to your lips. The body of the Panda can be pulled apart into 2 pieces, separated at the gold band. A high-quality magnet holds these 2 portions together.

TIP: The outer chassis of the Panda is replaceable.

The Panda is small yet powerful with an impressive 1100mAh of battery capacity, enough to take you through a day of moderate vaping. As a comparison one of my current best sellers, has a battery capacity of 250mAh. The Panda will give you the ability to fire between 8-12 watts, sadly, no variable voltage your device will assess the wattage of the coils to determine the output.

TIP: A full charge should take around 1.5 hours.

The Panda utilises a vertical ventilation system providing you some pretty decent clouds and flavour. Unlike other vaporisers that use horizontal airflow, the vertical system within the Panda allows for more air to enter. This in turn leads to greater flavour and vapour production.

Such a small unit doesn’t mean small juice capacity. Panda Pod are on the larger side and will hold 5ml of your favourite juice. Extremely easy to install and fill – side fill with plug.  Probably the easiest pod to install out of all that I have tested so far. Simply pull apart both ends of the Panda (strong magnet, remember?) to reveal the pod compartment. No screw in parts etc; just pop the pod in and reattach the body parts.

A major point of difference with this pod kit as compared to others is the inclusion of 2 varieties of pod for you to use. One specifically designed for nic salts and the other devised for a sub-ohm vaping experience with regular e liquids. The pods are quite durable and are made from a chemically inert polycarbonate material, with no plastics leeching into your juice. Results = pure flavour!

The following 2 pods have been provided in your kit….

Panda pod 0.8Ω DTL – More Vapour

Designed for Sub-ohm vaping

Can handle high VG Juices

Max power: 12W

Panda pod 1.2Ω MTL – Most like smoking

Moderate concentration of vapour

Max VG not recommended

Max power: 8W

TIP: If using Nic Salts it is recommended that you use the MTL 1.2-ohm pod.

I only stock vapes that take your safety seriously, Voopoo being one such brand. The following protections are provided

  • Short circuit protection (blue light will flash 2 times then power off).
  • Switch timeout protection (blue light will flash 8 times when vaping over 10 sec).
  • Overcharge protection (once charged to 4.2v will stop and light will turn green).
  • Over discharge protection (blue light will flash when battery lower than 3.2v).
  • Battery ventilation gap can be found on the base, keeping your batteries cool.

To use: Use the included USB Cable to charge your Panda, 1.5 hours approximately.

When using your Panda fresh out of the box you will need to choose which pod you would like to use depending on the effect desired/juice being used. As a quick reminder use the 1.2ohm pod for nic salts and the 0.8ohm pod for regular e liquids and a more sub-ohm vaping like effect.

Filling the pod is as simple as flipping up the (attached) bottom plug and slowly injecting your e juice. Insert the pod into the Panda by pulling up the top magnetised portion and placing the pod into the empty space. Replace top portion.

TIP: The first time I inserted the pod I felt that that they should be more to it. Just inserting it loose didn’t feel quite right. The pod jiggled around a bit and I kept retrying to insert. This is normal though and once you reattach the top portion everything stays nice and securely in place.

An unconventional prime is required with pod systems. The fill and wait technique tends to work best as there is no direct access to the coil. You will need to be patient and wait till the heating element wicks up all your juice. I recommend a 15-20 minimum wait for all fresh pods.

X5 click will turn your Panda on and same to turn off. Now hold the button and inhale long and slow.

To clean: After vaping for some time I advise that you check the contact point between the pod and mod. Any water vapour/e juice will need to be cleaned/wiped to ensure functionality. I would also recommend that you regularly wipe down the body and mouthpiece of your Panda with an alcohol wipe.

Contains: 1x Panda, x1 0.8Ω pod, x1 1.2Ω pod, x1 USB Cable, User manual and Warranty card.


  • Dimensions: 3″ x 1-13/16″ x 1″ (Including Mouthpiece)
  • Refillable Pod/Cartridge System
  • All-in-One Device
  • Built-in Battery Capacity: 1100mAh
  • Output Wattage: 8W or 12W
  • E-Liquid Capacity: 5.0ml
  • Simple One Button Design
  • Panda Inspired Design
  • Smooth and Comfortable Finish
  • Lightweight and Compact Design
  • Battery Life LED Indicator Light
  • Optimized for Both Standard and Nicotine Salt Based E-Liquid

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