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A great budget conscious multi-tasking vaporiser


What can I say about Yocan that I haven’t already said. I seem to be accumulating more and more of their vaporisers, so I must like them. Yocan is a very decent budget brand that makes very good looking and functional vaporisers.

I have many customers who walk into my shop who ask me for vapes that can multi-function. To be honest I usually recommend that single use vapes are generally the best way to experience your preferred vape medium, whether that be e-juice, oil, dry herb or concentrates. This can obviously be cost prohibitive for many people, so I present to you the Yocan Evolve 2.0. You will be hard pressed to find a more versatile vaporiser.

Let’s start with the size and portability of this unit. The Evolve 2.0 is incredible light, so light you may forget it is in your pocket. Measuring at around 10cms tall and 1cm thick. This vape is also a great option if discretion is your thing. I find the Evolve 2.0 to be quite sleek and simple looking with a smooth finish and simple one button operation. This is as basic as a vaporiser can get with complete ease of use and not much to do but fill and vape.

A basic unit doesn’t mean they skimp on safety protections. The most important thing I look for before bringing in any vapes. If a brand doesn’t care for your safety, then I don’t care to stock them. The Evolve 2.0 will automatically turn itself off if the power button is pressed for more than 15 seconds and will also notify you if a short circuit has occurred (white light flashes 4 times).

The Evolve 2.0 is a special vaporiser. A 3-in-1 if you will. An all in one pod system with 3 interchangeable pods for either e juice, thick oil or concentrates. Each refillable pod is unique and is magnetically held in place within the battery. They can easily be swapped over as need requires. Each pod has a removeable mouthpiece for easy loading and can hold up to 1ml of liquid.

The internal/unremovable/rechargeable battery has a capacity of 650mAh, easily more than enough for a full day of casual to moderate use. For heavy users a quick recharge may be needed for a full day of use. And I mean quick, the Evolve 2.0 only takes an hour to charge!

X3 Variable voltage setings are provided allowing you to customise your experience. Unfortunately, the exact range is unknown (I really looked) and Yocan has labelled them as low, medium and high. Each setting has a corresponding coloured light. A pre-heat function is also available, especially handy if you want a long draw.

Low – White Subtle clouds and flavour. Wispy vapour.
Medium – Blue Good balance of flavour and vapour.
High – Green More intense vapour and flavour.

Let’s talk pods. All 3 provided vary from each other, offering 2 different heating methods. All 3 are provided in this kit and each looks a little different to the others. My one complaint is that Yocan should have provided an easy way to take all 3 pods out and about. I would recommend improvising and creating your own hygienic carry case/box for your extra pods.

TIP: As with all pod systems you will need to regularly replace your pods as they have a limited life span. You need not purchase all 3, just the appropriate pods for your usage.

E juice pod 1.4ohm

Clear in colour with green silicone strip

Ceramic Atomiser – lower/medium heat recommended.
Oil pod 1.4ohm

Clear in colour with white silicone strip

Ceramic Atomiser – lower/medium heat recommended.
Concentrates pod 0.75ohm

Dark in colour

Dual Quartz Atomiser – high heat recommended.

To use: A full charge is your first step. The USB port is located on the side of the unit. Prefill a pod or all 3, whatever you desire. To fill gently pull up on the mouthpiece and fill with your desired product. Just because it is a pod doesn’t mean that you don’t need to prime. Please wait 10-15 minutes after filling a brand-new pod (mostly just the e juice/oil pods) before you begin to vape. A used pod can be vaped on instantly post-fill.

  • To fill the e juice/oils pod: fill through the 2 holes on either side of the centre.
  • To fill the concentrates pod: place your material directly (carefully) onto the Quartz coils within.

TIP: I recommend you use a good quality silicone tipped dab tool (such as Vape Scrape) to load your concentrates. Less mess and so much easier than other methods.

Insert your pod into the Evolve 2.0, the strong magnet will keep it in place. As with all vapes x5 clicks will turn your device on and off. Once on x3 clicks of the button will allow you to cycle through the 3 voltage settings. X2 clicks of the button if your vaping medium requires a quick pre-heat (10 seconds). A light will stay on and once pre-heated will disappear.

TIP: To stop preheat function x2 clicks again.

When the light turns green that is your vape telling you that it is ready.  Press and hold the button whilst inhaling. Repeat as desired.

TIP: When vaping thick oils, I would recommend starting on the lowest voltage setting and increasing if needed.

Caution: This vaporiser has a short vapour pathway so vaping for long periods of time may result in a hot vape. I would recommend taking breaks in this case.

To clean: Not much to clean with this device. The only part of the pod that I would clean would be the mouthpiece. A quick wipe with an Isopropyl Alcohol infused swab will do the job nicely. No point in cleaning the rest of the pods as they are designed to be replaced over time. I would also wipe down the body of my vape so it always looks sleek.

Contains: x1 Evolve 2.0 650mAh battery, x1 1ml oil pod, x1 1ml e juice pod, x1 concentrates pod, x1 USB Cable and a User manual.


  • Pod-Based Vaporizer
  • Refillable Pods
  • Magnetic Pods
  • Compatible with E-Juice, Oils, and Wax/Concentrates
  • Single Button Control
  • 650mAh Battery
  • Variable Voltage
  • 10 Sec Pre-Heat
  • Micro USB Charging
  • Level Window
  • Ceramic Coils for E-Juice and Oil Pods
  • Quartz Dual Coil for Wax
  • Slim and Sleek

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Black, Champagne Gold


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