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If you are a lover of wax concentrates, then you are going to love the Evolve Plus XL by Yocan. Yocan prides itself on high quality builds that perform. Discreet due to its small profile (22mm diameter and 115mm in height), whilst nice and weighty in your hand, the Evolve Plus XL is built to last. Don’t be fooled by its looks though, this unit is incredibly easy to use with just one button to get you vaping. As I am a real safety girl I personally love this unit as you effectively remove the dangers of dabbing since no blowtorch is required. Speaking of safety this device will turn itself off after 15 seconds of continuous firing.

The Evolve Plus XL is powered by a strong 1400mAh internal battery allowing you to use it over and over and over again before a recharge is needed. Powerful enough for those of you who love to cloud chase! A recharge is as easy as charging your phone, simply plug in the included Micro USB cable. The charging port is located at the back of the unit near the base. A red light near the port will illuminate whilst charging and go out when the unit is fully charged and ready to go.This one of a kind vaporiser features unique QUAD Coil technology – using a 4 Quartz Rod Coil. Made specifically for giant clouds and hits, which is hard to come by in a wax concentrate device. The Quartz rod allows for pure and clean vapour that sticks with the original scent and flavour of your concentrate. As a flavour girl yet another reason that I love this unit!

The Evolve Plus XL is considered to be an all-in-one device, with everything you need for a session in one handy place. At the base of the Evolve you will find the hidden detachable, dual compartment silicone container to hold your favourite concentrate/s. This container can be easily removed for cleaning. Simply slip it into your pocket and off you go. Impressive huh?

The dome top cap/atomiser tube is magnetised and can be easily removed from the base by simply pulling upwards. Saving you time and less cleaning due to no more sticky threading. The top cap has also been specifically designed to direct the vapour upwards towards your mouth and prevents spit-backs. The adjustable airflow valve lets you customise and control the amount of vapor being inhaled to optimise your experience.

On the fun side this is the first vape pen that comes complete with a hanging ring and lanyard. Helping to keep your Evolve Plus safe and close at hand when needed.

To use: Before your first use of a wax vaporiser it is advisable to break in your new coils by pulsing the coil. Power the unit on (x5 quick pushes of fire button) then begin pulsing by holding down the fire button for a few seconds then letting go. You will see the coil start to glow slightly. Repeat this process until the coil glows evenly. Your coil is ready.

Once charged you are ready to load your concentrate. Simply pull up the magnetised top cap to reveal the heating chamber. You will then need to unscrew the coil cap to load. Use the included wax loading tool to place a small amount of your concentrate (carefully) directly onto the Quartz Coil. It is recommended that you use around 1-2 grains of rice in size. Placing too much wax into the chamber may result in overflow and will drive you crazy with the cleaning of it all!

Once loaded replace the chamber cap and magnetised top cap. X5 quick click of the power button will fire up this unit and also shut it down. Enjoy your session, you can thank me later!

Contains: Atomiser, 1400mAh battery, 1 extra Quartz Coil, Dab tool, micro USB Cable, Hanging ring and Lanyard.

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