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**Dual cartridge vaporiser – mouth to lung

What can I say about Yocan that I haven’t said already. I seem to be accumulating more and more of their vaporisers, so I must like them. Yocan is a very decent budget brand that makes very good looking and functional vaporisers. A great entry point for beginners, particularly in the world of concentrates. If discretion is your thing you won’t get better than this! Small enough to completely be held stealthily within your hand, yet heavy and solid. 81mm x 67mm x 31mm.

The Flick is technically a 2-in-1 device, allowing you to choose between concentrates and e juice/oil (3-in1 then??!!). A budget friendly 2-in-1 as they can get very pricey and a good looking one at that! This is where Yocan excels. On first glance you may be fooled that you are just looking at a Zippo Lighter of sorts. The Flick has been designed around the same concept with a side open hinged top lid, hence the name – Flick. The lid also plays a role in helping to keep debris out of the mouthpiece whilst not in use.

Unfortunately, there have to be compromises for such a small unit and in this case, it is the internal battery capacity – which sits at the lower end at 650mAh and can’t be replaced. Quick to charge though! With low to moderate use it may see you through a whole day but anything more than that will require a recharge. Big Bonus though, is the fact that you can vape whilst you charge (pass through ability). Yay!

Two atomisers are provided in this kit. One for your concentrates and one for your e juice. Both easily swap out and are easy to use. A glass window on the side of the Flick enables you to see how full/empty the cartridge is. The cartridges are held magnetically so they don’t dislodge accidentally. 2 magnetic attachments are provided in this kit. These magnets are 510 threaded to enable them to be threaded on to the bottom of your cartridge. I tested the magnetic connector on the 710 Ready Mix Cartridges to see if and cartridge could be used. It worked but unfortunately the cartridge was too long, and I couldn’t close the lid. So basically, you can use other cartridges, but some may be too tall for a proper fit.

TIP: x3 flashes of light = magnet not attached properly. Need to rethread and try again.

The vapour produced by the Flick is not immense but that’s kind of the point with it being stealthy and all. Low vapour also results in low smell. More discretion then! The Flick provides you with no ability to play around with voltage levels, so you won’t be able to increase/decrease the temperature. I also couldn’t find any information as to the voltage or temperature the unit comes set at. Heating is achieved via a single quartz coil.

TIP: I will be honest, if you are buying the flick to primarily vape e liquids then you may want to check out other vaporisers specifically designed for that purpose. The Flick does not have the ability to modify wattage, so you can’t change settings depending on your needs. I don’t believe experienced e cigarette vapers will be satisfied (of course I can be wrong!). This unit works well as a primarily concentrates vape with e liquids vaped less often.

To use: Ensure your Flick is charged (included USB), the first ever charge of any new vaporiser should be as long as possible to ensure overall lifespan of your battery. Now it all comes to preferences – do you want to fill just one or both cartridges? I would fill both and place the unused cartridge within the plastic container supplied and slip in into my pocket. Threading a magnet connector to the base of each makes swapping out a breeze.

Oil/e juice Cartridge 1.8Ω– This piece is designed to be top-fill and boasts of being leak free. To fill simply unscrew the top mouthpiece (carefully), you will need either a syringe or needle nosed injector bottle to fill without too much mess. As you don’t remove the chimney to fill you don’t have to worry about overflow when replacing the mouthpiece. Insert the cartridge in to the Flick. X5 clicks of power button to turn on and then hold the power button again to activate heating. Vape when ready.

TIP: If you are filling your oil/e juice cartridge for the first time please wait a few minutes to allow for the wick to soak adequately.

Concentrates Cartridge 1.0Ω – Unscrew the atomiser tube from the coil then using the included thin packing tool place a small glob of wax (grain of rice size) directly onto the coil. Please be gentle to not damage the coil as the high walls may make it a little tricky to load. Rethread the atomiser tube and place into the Flick. X5 clicks of the power button to turn on and then hold power button again to activate heating. Wait a small period of time to allow adequate heating (remember wax is pretty thick!) then press power button for 5 seconds and inhale.

TIP: Overloading on wax/concentrates can lead to clogs and/or leakage.

To clean: Not much to clean with this one. Both cartridges are disposable/replaceable, but each can be taken apart if need be to clear out any oil/gunk build up (may help lengthen lifespan). Soak the pieces in Isopropyl Alcohol, air dry thoroughly and reassemble (ensure all Alcohol has evaporated). Be careful when cleaning the concentrates cartridge, I wouldn’t use Isopropyl near the coil as can damage. A quick dry burn can help clear the coil of build-up wax. I would give the mouthpieces a good wipe down with an Alcohol Wipe once a week or so and whilst you’re at it wipe down the whole unit. Check the interior where the cartridge connects to the Flick, clean with a cotton bud dipped in Isopropyl Alcohol.

Contains: x1 Flick mod box, x1 e juice/oil atomiser, x1 concentrate atomiser, x1 pick tool and micro USB Cable.

Features & Specs

  • Innovative Flip Open Lighter Design
  • Dimensions: 81mm x 67mm x 31mm
  • Versatile Cartridge Battery for Essential Oils
  • 2 Cartridges Included (1.8Ω for thin & 1.0Ω for thick)
  • Efficient Glass Quartz Heating Element for Thick Waxes
  • Leak-proof Cartridge for Thin Oils w/ Easy Top Fill
  • Innovative 510 Thread Magnetic Adapter Connection System
  • Convenient One-Button Operation for Stealthy Use on the Go
  • Powerful Lithium-ion Battery with 650mAh Capacity
  • Cartridge Window Ensure You Always Know When to Refill
  • Micro-USB Charging with Passthrough
  • Mini Stainless Packing Tool Included

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