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Zeus Arsenal is one serious vape company made up of German engineers (can’t beat German precision) with a mission to “provide cutting edge products for the connoisseurs of tomorrow”. I couldn’t have said it better myself as Zeus is considered to be an industry leader in regard to innovation with their herbal devices. 3 herbal vaporisers (plus various accessories) are all that Zeus manufactures, keeping it simple so that they can focus on quality. My words don’t seem to do them justice so here is another (pretty cool) quote directly from Zeus Arsenal….

“Whether it is one of our high-performance vaporizers or our line of innovative accessories, Zeus Arsenal is committed to providing high quality products fit for the gods while maintaining accessibility for mere mortals. Just how close you want to fly to the sun is up to you.”

TIP: A 3 YEAR Limited Warranty is offered by Zeus Arsenal for their devices BUT this is only if you can provide proof of purchase (date needed) and that you bought an authentic Zeus Vaporiser. This is a unit that is copied and there are many counterfeits about so please ensure that you are buying from an authorised seller (which I am and why would you ever bother with a fake!?)


The Arc GT is an upgraded version of the Zeus Arc with one BIG difference – the inclusion of gold. Yes, gold just like in jewellery except in this case the heating chamber, heat sink and the vapour pathway are all plated in gold. Guess what GT stands for? Gold Technology! The Zeus GT reminds me a little of the Pax (similar in size too) as you turn both devices on/off by pressing down on the mouthpiece to activate the button located below resulting in a sleek button-less device. The heating chamber is also located beneath the mouthpiece and can hold 0.3g. The body of the Zeus GT Arc is made from durable anodized aluminium with a matte black finish and the letters GT in gold on the side.

3 LED light strips are located on the side and these will show you battery status and/or temperature cycles. The Zeus Arc GT has haptic feedback and will vibrate when your desired temperature is reached. Speaking of temperature, 3 are provided with the ability to access more via the desktop app. There is an accelerometer within the Zeus GT, providing 2 functions.  An accelerometer is basically an electronic sensor that detects motion by measuring the acceleration force. You can either shake your unit to determine current battery strength or if the unit if left unused (no inhales) for 30 seconds it will enter into power down mode. Accelerometer sensor shuts off after 3 minutes of usage.

The flat mouthpiece (rubbery feel silicone) has a very narrow slit upon the side where you inhale from. My first thought was that the pathway was on the shorter side, but the inclusion of gold helps to dissipate heat and keep your vapour smooth and cool. Battery capacity is 3500mAh, which should provide you with an impressive 90(!) minutes of vaping, or 6-8 sessions if that’s how you like to count things. There is a 10-minute shut off timer, so your sessions are going to be on the longer side! Lastly there is a magnetic multi tool attached to the very base of the unit covering the charging port (careful not to lose it when charging!).

Measurements:  22.5mm x 42mm x 87mm


As attractive as it makes the vape look, I am fairly sure that Zeus chose to use gold for more practical terms! There is also no other herbal vaporiser on the market (currently at least) that goes to this extent. Gold is a precious metal that is rather good at transferring heat and electricity and is only surpassed by silver and copper for their conductive abilities with gold ultimately winning out due to the fact that it does not tarnish or corrode. The gold within the Zeus GT helps to provide an even and consistent temperature throughout the gold pathway, from heating chamber up to your lips. The all gold pathway (chamber in particular) will provide incredibly pure, tastier and more condensed vapour. You can also expect cooler vapour due to the gold within the heat sink, which works to remove heat from passing vapour as it makes its way up to your lips.

TIP: You can expect quite large clouds (truly!) with the Zeus GT.


You have options with the Zeus GT, and you can either choose one of the 3 pre-set temperatures provided or access the desktop app for further customisation. It is very easy to cycle through each of the 3 temperatures with just a simple tap of the on/off button and your LED lights will increase. The below temperatures may seem on the higher side for some users but remember that the Zeus Arc GT is a vaporiser designed to create massive clouds and has the inclusion of gold for heat dissipation.

  • 1 line – 212°C
  • 2 lines – 221°C
  • 3 lines – 225°C

These temperature cycles also offer an interesting option whereby you can vape the same packed chamber in multiple sessions, with a higher temperature used for each cycle.

TIP: Heat up time is approximately 80 seconds.


  • X1 Zeus Arc GT
  • X5 Zeus Grime Wipes
  • X5 Zeus Grime Sticks
  • X5 Zeus Purify Bristle Cleaners
  • X1 USB Charging Cable
  • X1 Spacer
  • X1 Flow Sink Tool


  • Manufacturer: Zeus Arsenal
  • Origin: Germany
  • Device Dimensions: 22.5mm x 42mm x 87mm
  • Materials: gold, anodized aluminium, silicone
  • Heating Style: Conduction
  • Heating Time: 80 seconds
  • Temperature Range: 205°C, 215°C and 225°C
  • Oven Size: 0.3g
  • Temperature Control: Pre-set or digital with App
  • Battery Capacity: 3500mAh
  • Battery Life: 90 minutes
  • Magnetic Multitool provided
  • Charger: USB
  • Passthrough: No
  • Automatic Shut off: 10 minutes
  • Accelerometer
  • Warranty: 3 Years


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