Dealz Silicone 40mm Dual Storage Container for Concentrates

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Colour: Blue/Orange

Herbal concentrates are sticky and they have a tendency to adhere to all surfaces they come into contact with. Appropriate storage is imperative. Not just any old container though and there are a few factors to focus on such as; material used, size, shape and how it closes/seals. I guess how it looks is important too!
FYI: Dabbing is the term used to describe the inhalation of extracted herbal concentrates/waxes/thick oils. The numbers 710 are also used and if you turn the numbers upside down you will see why!


These cylindrical containers are made entirely from silicone. Quite thick silicone at that. The majority of accessories for dabbing are usually made from silicone due to its superior non-stick nature as well as its ability to withstand high levels of heat.

Each container is divided in half allowing you to store 2 different varieties or to keep track of your usage. The lid flips up and is attached to the body of the container so dont worry about losing it. As for the lid once in place it seals quite well and it should provide an airtight and dark environment for your wax to reside in.

There are 4 designs to choose from, each in bright and vivid colours. Each container has the word oil imprinted (raised lettering) on the lid.
Measuring: 4cms in diameter - a perfect circle with a small tab as a handle and 2cms tall.


X1 Dealz Silicone Dual Storage Container - 4 varieties


  • 100% full silicone body
  • Non stick
  • Heat resistant
  • Separated into 2 sections within
  • Cylindrical and short
  • Transportable


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