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The DynaCoil is a precision engineered concentrate adapter (technically a coil of sorts), constructed from one continuous piece of medical grade titanium. It is compatible with all VapCap (temperature indicating caps) Dynavap vaporisers and turns your single use herbal vaporiser (dry herb) into a triple usage device (dry flower, thick oils or concentrates).


The DynaCoil is designed for use with many full melt concentrates, as well as thick oils and liquids.The DynaCoil has a shark tooth pattern that is designed to capture and retain concentrates enabling you to vape them. The coil is constructed from one single piece of medical grade titanium which has holes and other features that keep your concentrates in place where they belong. One major benefit of using this coil is that unlike other units that incorporate "coils" to vaporise concentrates you will not end up with that blackened gunk that is hard to clean off and affects flavour.

The coil easily slips in/out of the DynVap (recommended to remove the screen within the DynaVap first before insertion), just ensure that you have it the right way up though! Twist the coil as you insert then push down into place. It will sit flush, and the cap should fit as normal when replaced. The DynaCoil also pops out quite easily but you will need to use the condenser (remove it from within) to push the DynaCoil out.

TIP: Please do not try to unravel the coil.


Quite an easy coil to clean. Once removed simply soak in hot soapy water then rinse and allow to dry. DynaVap (and myself) do NOT recommend heating/torching the coil to get it clean.


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