HØJ Life KLIP/X 2.2" Grinder

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I am very very excited about this brand!! A Danish brand with a small line up for now, an extremely high grade grinder and a pipe. Luxury 420 hands down. In HØJ's own words they "obsess over every detail, forging products through an unrelenting dedication to quality". Their aim is quite simple, to make the best products in the best possible way whilst respecting planet earth and those that reside upon it. How can I argue with that?


To call this a grinder is to misnomer and I would technically place it in its own subcategory. HØJ has fundamentally re-imagined a whole new patent pending design, a revolution of sorts. Looks wise I am finding it hard to fault, minimalism at its finest. Made entirely from stainless steel and Anodized recyclable aluminium (plus a little brass). Functionally the KLIP stands alone, resembling nothing that I currently stock or have seen on the market.
Measuring: 57mm/2.2"
  • Fully magnetic - The entire device is thread-less and it all holds together via rare earth magnets, making it incredibly easy to clean and access. Snap each level open or closed with a nice satisfying click. Lift up the top lid and you will expose the central pin. This pin controls the blades and is suspended in mid-air via opposing magnets. Why? To dramatically reduce any contact that may occur with the sides through levitation, resulting in a friction-less spin when grinding. The easiest of all grinder/mills to open only requiring a 10 degree twist as compared to the quarter turn system most grinders are built on.
  • Dual Precision Blades - KLIP has been designed to slice herbal material as opposed to crushing it. Results? A more fluffier consistency that should burn more evenly. Custom built dual precision blades finely slice whilst helping to protect crystals/trichomes and ultimately potency. One of the blades is static and the other is levitating, both working together to slice and then gently push the herbal material into the collection chamber beneath.
  • Magnetic accessory system - This patent pending system enables you to customise your KLIP with 3 various control discs and a collection mesh. Do you desire a finer grind or maybe a little courser consistency, the choice is ultimately yours. All accessories snap effortlessly into place and are an optional extra. To clarify, 3 interchangeable grinding discs are provided; offering either a fine, medium or course grind.
Technically a 4 piece grinder but not really when you take it apart! But for ease of description I will use it. Once ground up your herbal materiel will accumulate within the Extension Chamber. The Extension Mesh will allow dust/kief to pass down into the Collection Chamber at the very base. The Extension Mesh is easily removable creating one large storage zone.
LASTLY, DONT FORGET THE FUNNEL! I love this! An added extra that attaches directly (magnetically) to the base of the KLIP Grinder. The bottom of the funnel narrows to a point allowing you to precise fill and there is a small magnetic cap at the base of the funnel, closing it off between uses. Engineered to specifically fit the KØL Hand Pipe but you can use this funnel as you see fit but it may be too wide to fill upon most herbal vaporisers easily unless they have a flat top.


  • x1 KLIP
  • x3 Control Discs - Fine, medium or course (1 in place)
  • x1 Collection Mesh (in place)
  • Cork and bio packaging


  • Height: 57 mm / 2.2”
  • Diameter: Ø66 mm / 2.6”
  • Made form stainless steel, Anodized recyclable aluminium and polished brass
  • Load capacity: 1.6g of material
  • Capacity: 3.2g
  • Customisable grind
  • Fine, medium or course grind/Discs available
  • Easily swap out the magnetised Control Discs
  • Thread-free magnetic assembly
  • Simple turn to access
  • Patent-pending design
  • Dual precision blades
  • Lifetime warranty from manufacturer
  • Ergonomic design
  • Hassle-free cleaning
  • Modular design

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