HØJ Life KØL/Pro 2.0 Hand Pipe Replacement Filters - 12 Pack

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I am very very excited about this brand!! A Danish brand with a small line up for now, an extremely high grade grinder and a pipe. Luxury 420 hands down. In HØJ's own words they "obsess over every detail, forging products through an unrelenting dedication to quality". Their aim is quite simple, to make the best products in the best possible way whilst respecting planet earth and those that reside upon it. How can I argue with that?


The KØL/Pro 2.0 Hand Pipe is a truly beautiful pipe, a real work of art in my opinion. These are the replacement filters for the KØL/Pro 2.0. x12 Titanium coated Stainless Steel screens are provided (!!), in 3 variations.

  • x4 Fine
  • x4 Medium
  • x4 Course

I am yet to find a pipe that provides that many screens in so many versions all at once. These high quality screens can withstand heat up to 600°C, each working hard to filter/purify every hit.

Diameter: Ø9 mm / 0.35” (fits both KØL and KØL mini)


x12 HØJ Life KØL/Pro 2.0 Hand Pipe Replacement Filters


  • Authentic HØJ Life KØL/Pro 2.0 Hand Pipes Replacement Filters
  • Titanium coated Stainless Steel
  • x3 grades provided - fine, medium and course
  • Can withstand extreme heat
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to clean

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