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Honeybee Herb is an American brand offering a vast array of dabbing tools/products along with other rather cool and practical products. Bright yellow is their signature colour and they tend to use interest materials to craft their tools. Their range of bangers is quite impressive, covering a multitude of options. Over time I plan to add more and more of their range to the line up in store.


Iso is short for Isopropyl Alcohol, a go-to cleaning solvent/resin dissolver used by many to keep their glass pristine. Dabbers in particular benefit from using isopropyl to deal with any sticky messes. Isopropyl is generally purchased in the form of wipes or as a fluid and there may be some level of difficulty when trying to dispense it during a session. A well organised cleaning station is imperative and will elevate your experience whilst extending the life of your gear.

This is a dual use Iso Pump Station, allowing for the storage/pumping of Isopropyl Alcohol along with sections for your tools and cotton swabs. The entire station is made from a durable plastic with storage on 2 ends. I would use one end for clean swabs and the other to hold anything dirty. The central zone holds the pump bottle. A clear bottle that dispenses any liquid placed within. Once filled, flip open the top lid and press down on the pump for isopropyl alcohol to appear. There is a viewing window on either side of the station reminding you when to refill.


  • x1 Honeybee Herb Iso Pump Station
  • x1 Honeybee Pump Bottle


  • Keeps Cleaning Tools and Solutions Together
  • Conveniently Use Cleaning Tools During Your Next Session
  • Extend Life of Borosilicate Glass and Quartz Products
  • Pump and Reservior
  • Front and Back Refill Indicators
  • Clean Swap and Dirty Swap Holders
  • Honeybee Herb Logo

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