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Bamboo is not commonly used to manufacture rolling papers, but it is slowly gaining in popularity as more partakers look for different options. Bamboo papers are a great choice for those that take environmental responsibility to new heights. OCB takes this seriously and only use 100% responsibly sourced bamboo, whereby the root is not removed and remains in the ground to regrow after harvest. No harsh fertilisers/pesticides/herbicides are used in the growing process. As I keep mentioning over and over again, smoking is not healthy for you and never will be. But that does not mean that many brands are not constantly striving to perfect and purify their production processes to eliminate as many toxins as possible.

These papers are quite thin (14g/m2) and are designed to burn very smoothly, evenly and slowly. No bleach, dye or chlorine has been used. These papers are also GMO-Free and Vegan. Always-Sticks Natural Acacia Gum has been included and all these factors together add up to a pretty clean rolling paper.

The quality of these papers can be seen when attempting to roll as these very fine papers are actually quite durable and shouldn’t rip (doesn’t hurt to be gentle though). Lastly and for most the crucial element is the fact that papers made from Bamboo leave behind no flavour and/or aftertaste when smoked.


  • x1 Pack of OCB King Size Slim Rolling Papers (32 leaves)
  • x32 Filters


  • Size: King Slim
  • All-natural and unbleached
  • Dye-free, Chlorine free and Bleach free
  • Ultra-slow burning
  • Made with Bamboo
  • Arabic Gum Sealant
  • 32 leaves per booklet
  • 32 Filters
  • Made by OCB in France

**At We are Lux we don't encourage the breaking of any Australian laws, you must be 18+ to purchase and nothing we stock is intended for use with any tobacco products.**

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