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Puffco is a brand I almost never need to introduce to my customers, a trusted cult-status industry leader (since 2013) in the world of concentrates vaping with multiple awards having been won. Each Puffco Dab Rig is designed and engineered completely in-house by concentrate aficionados, using the highest-grade materials available for an out of this world experience. They have one goal, to create clean and potent experiences.

Electronic, battery powered dabbing rigs (plus associated accessories) may be what they are most known for but that hasn’t stopped Puffco from branching out into the dry herb market to create this innovative water pipe cleverly disguised as a refillable humble water bottle. A complete turn around from their usual levels of technology as the Budsy is very minimalistic and basic.


This water pipe truly looks like a standard water bottle, it is quite deceptive. A larger sized bottle designed to hold over a litre of water if you do choose to utilise it to quench your thirst on long walks. There is even a measurement guide on the side letting you know the capacity, just like the real deal. At the very top is a screw top lid with a side arm for safe travels.

TIP: This feature made me laugh out loud, Puffco has set the level of water for optimal performance at the 420ml measurement mark. Brilliant!

The Budsy is transparent and made from BPA-free Tritan Plastic. A completely food safe and shatter resistant material that is free from harmful additives. Heavy duty plastic than can withstand heat saying that I would not use my lighter anywhere except the bowl.

Measuring: 24cms tall (with cap on) and 9cms in diameter (a round circle).

The lid (and associated parts) is where the magic occurs, and the water bottle becomes a water pipe. Kind of an all-in-one design with the down stem protruding down towards the base.

TIP: Store upright as much as possible especially when filled.


The lid actually has 2 parts and there are 2 ways to open this lid/operate the Budsy.

  • Remove (unscrew) the entire lid completely to access the water chamber when you need to fill or when cleaning. The wide mouth makes it easy to access the interior of the bottle. The down stem is attached to the underside of the lid and can only be pulled out when the lid is removed from the bottle.
  • Now the fun bit! Hidden within the lid is where you will find the ceramic flower bowl (reminds me a little of the Puffco Peak Dab Rig Bowls) and the angled mouthpiece. Unscrew the very top portion of the lid only, leaving the base of the lid still affixed to the bottle. Swivel up the mouthpiece to reveal the ceramic bowl underneath. This bowl has a little silicone tab for easy removal/handling. This tab is crucial as you need to set the bowl into its correct position before use. Easy and quick to do, simply place the bowl in the front air hole (higher position) so that is sticks out. This step enables you to light the bowl easily and you should not use the bowl when sitting flat in “storage mode” (no air path for one).

TIP: Puffco strongly recommends that you use a standard lighter and not a torch with the Budsy. I kind of agree.

The bowl is rather spacious and will give you moderate to large hits easily. No point telling you about the size/fit as this is a custom piece designed just for the Budsy. The down stem has a multitude of slits along the perimeter of the base, a form of diffusion percolation. Your large smoke bubble diffuses into the water via the slits turning the large bubble into a horde of smaller bubbles. Less surface plus more bubbles equals to increased filtration and a cooler sensation.

TIP: When stowing the bowl away into its storage zone please ensure that the tab covering the air hole is left vacant.


  • x1 Puffco Budsy Water Bottle Pipe
  • x1 Ceramic Flower Bowl (specific to this bottle)


  • Official Puffco Product
  • BPA-free Tritan Plastic
  • Discrete
  • Durable and shatter resistant
  • Diffusion percolation
  • 24cms tall
  • Holds 1L of water
  • Ceramic bowl with Silicone Tab
  • Hidden bowl storage
  • All-in-one design
  • Easy to clean

**This is a collectors item and at We are Lux we don't encourage the breaking of any Australian laws.**

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