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At first glance the Smojo Permanent Steel Screen seems like a fairly unimpressive little gadget, especially as it sits on a shelf in my store next to some incredibly beautiful glassware. Would you believe me that ever since I got my first box in I cant keep them in stock? I wish I had stocked it earlier.


The Smojo is basically a stainless-steel (surgical grade for purity) screen that you insert into your pipe/bong/glassware to act as an ash-catcher. Effectively blocking all smoking materials from accidental inhalation. It wont permanently clog (no holes) or easily drop out once in place. A revolutionary design (asymmetric in shape) with dynamic openings enables the magic to happen.
TIP: How to tell if the Smojo will fit your pipe? 2 areas to check – the size of the hole and the clearance beneath the hole.
  • Minimal bowl opening: 1/8” or 3.175mm
  • Maximum bowl opening: 7/32”” or about 5.556mm
  • Minimum bowl depth: 3/8” or 9.525mm
Smojo is made from Type 304 Stainless Steel which does not burn, even if you ignite your lighter directly onto it. Some people like to “cure” their metal screens. Curing is about applying heat directly to the metal to create a protective crystalline passivation layer that acts like glass and therefore can’t be burnt. This also helps to remove impurities and create a harder and more stable metal. As the Smojo screen is made from type 304 steel and is steam cleaned prior to packaging you do not need to cure it!
TIP: Over time you may notice that your screen is turning a shade of metallic brown, this is not gunk but is a natural layer of chromium oxide crystals that develops over time due to repeated heating. So technically “curing” itself over time.
To use: Turn your pipe upside down and insert the Smojo (pronged side first), use a gentle rocking motion until the tail enters through the hole. If it falls out the spread the prongs out further and reinsert. Voila, you are done and ready to use.


2 methods – one the easy way and one a little more laborious
  • If debris is blocking your Smojo simply use a lighter and burn it away. Wait 30 seconds for the screen to cool. You can now use a poker (or an unravelled paper clip) to poke the gaps clean.
  • If the method above is inadequate you will need to remove the Smojo by using tweezers or a paper clip to pry it out. Hold the screen with tweezers and directly heat with a lighter until it glows a dull orange colour. Be Careful it will be hot!!! Do this process over a heat safe surface in case you drop the screen. Place down in a safe place to cool down before reinsertion.


x3 Smojo Stainless Steel Permanent Smoke Screens in a resealable plastic tube


  • Lasts longer than 1000 screens! and can’t become permanently clogged!
  • Won’t fall out when bowl is emptied
  • Permanent never needs changing
  • Takes minimal space in the bowl, provides easy smoke flow
  • Made in USA of surgical quality stainless steel

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