Storz and Bickel Crafty/Crafty+ Cooling Unit

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Storz and Bickel is quite easily the cream of the crop in the world of herbal vaping. State of the art, medicinal-grade equipment that requires no hyped-up marketing to spread the word. I will make a prediction and state that as long as I am working in this industry I will always stock products by the giant that is Storz and Bickel!


The Official Storz and Bickel Cooling Unit for the Crafty and Crafty+ Herbal Vaporisers. The Cooling Unit is basically the entire removable top portion of the Crafty+. The role of this unit is to cool the temperature of your vapour to provide a more pleasing and flavoursome experience. A Cooling Unit is provided with the Crafty/Crafty+ Vaporiser and I strongly recommend cleaning and maintaining it for as long as you can. The day may arrive when you require a replacement and here it is.

TIP: Can be used with the Crafty and Crafty+ Herbal Vaporisers.


1 pc. Cooling Unit for the Crafty/+


  • Helps to cool down your vapour for extra comfort
  • Comes with included (pre-installed) screen

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