What the Cluck Silicone Water Pipe - Green

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Some of my products are unbranded, which isn't a problem but they really need to stand out from the crowd to impress us. This particular product made us smile, it's just so adorable! Designed to resemble a squeaking chicken toy (my dog would love this!!). I sell a few silicone water pipes and most of them are rather cute, including a rubber ducky. Great gifts and/or collector's items in my humble opinion.


This is a fully functional water pipe and this is also a silicone chicken. A comedic, upright green chicken with a surprised look on his face. A small chicken with sturdy, removable feet that help keep it upright. The actual body can be separated into 3 different parts; the water chamber, down stem and the neck portions. This feature makes it extremely easy to access within for cleaning. Each piece connects together quite well you may just need to manoeuvre the silicone into position via a gentle squeeze and push.
Measuring: 18cms to top of angled mouthpiece.
The down stem curves down into the water chamber and the flower bowl slots in externally. The flower bowl is the only glass portion and it is male, measures in at 14mm, funnel in shape with a handle. A rather deep bowl. Remove the neck to add water or to clean. Lastly the mouthpiece is angled and extends out of the back of the chicken's head. This feature will lower the possibility of water splashing up on your lips but I would recommend a few practice inhalation to determine an appropriate water level within.
TIP: Please take your time reassembling the chicken, the joining points are a little tricky on purpose enabling a proper fit for usage.


  • x1 What the Cluck Silicone Water Pipe - Green
  • x1 14mm male Funnel Shaped Flower Bowl with Handle


  • 18cms/7 inches tall
  • Silicone water pipe
  • What The Cluck design
  • Removalke down stem
  • Removeable top/neck for easy cleaning
  • Includes 14mm male glass herb slide w/ handle
  • Angled mouthpiece to lower splashback
**This is a collectors item and at We are Lux we don't encourage the breaking of any Australian laws.**

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