Bamboo Dog Paw Spiked Ashtray | 4.25" x 4"

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Ashtrays are pretty crucial if you are any form of smoker, pretty sure I dont need to explain why! I have tried to include a myriad of styles/functions in store. Many provide extra functions and are not just useful for collecting ash. This is one such ashtray.


Visitors to my actual store have already come across Lux, my magnificent whippet. My 13 year old dog and the reason why I have my own store. Now you know why I was drawn to this particular style of ashtray. An impression of a dog's paw made from bamboo. A large paw, Great Dane size in my opinion. Bamboo is considered to be quite a tough and durable wood that will withstand most of what you put it through.

Measuring: 10.8cm x 10.2cm

There is a metal spike affixed near the base, measuring 5cms. It narrows towards the top. This spike will enable you to clear/tap our flower bowls/pipes after usage or you can use it as a stand when cleaning bowls/bangers. Along the perimeter are built-in cigarette rests, small indentations to rest your tools and/or any pre-rolled creations of your choice.


x1 Bamboo Dog Paw Spiked Ashtray


  • 4.25 inch by 4 inch dimensions
  • Dog paw ashtray
  • Bamboo material
  • Cleaning spike
  • Built-in cigarette rests

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